"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, March 28, 2013

young bucks {phillip phillips}

last night sean took me out.
i put on makeup.
curled my hair.
and tried on about twenty shirts.
really, i'm not exaggerating.
each time i tried on a shirt i texted linsey the picture of me standing in front of the mirror.
i got a LOT of thumbs downs.
it appears i may need to update my going out apparel. 
finally, i decided on my blue lacy shirt.
and chucks.
with a necklace AND earrings.
this is big business around here people.
we went to sushi and then to PHILLIP PHILLIPS.
i could hardly contain my excitement the entire day.
sing me the phone book PHIL.
he's just that good.
and we sat there all cuddled up on our seats together, 
and i thought about how surreal it was to be watching him 50 yards away. 
singing all of the songs we listen to almost every night around our dinner table.
and the songs we hear him sing on TEE-VEE!
he made fun of his dancing skills.
or lack thereof.
goofy was how he put it.
he held his guitar the way he does.
all crooked, but just right.
like he was making love to it right there on stage.
he talked about his grandpa/smoker voice from singing too much, 
and grandpa socks.
and then about his grandpa.
he made us beg for home.
we stood up.
we sang.
we clapped.
we yelled.
we danced.
and then he sang thriller as an encore.
the entire drive home we blasted songs by phil through the speakers in sean's car.
and i told sean i felt like a young buck again.
then i teased him about how he was swerving all over his lane.
and he said it was b/c he had such a pretty girl in his car to look at.
what a charmer.
i love him and the sweet things he always says to me:)
we talked about our dreams for the future,
how much we love our kids and our life,
and about the first concert i went to 15 years ago.
when no one but a few of us knew who blink 182 were ,
and i saw green day set their drum set on fire for the first time.
that didn't make me feel like a young buck at all.
once we got home we had some snacks, i washed off my makeup, and we went to bed holding hands.
yep, we really are that cheesy.
it's my favorite way to fall asleep.
especially after a night out on the town with my man.


Sue said...

I love Phillip Phillips. And yes, I am jealous.


becca said...

way to you're a lucky girl so happy you got to see him perform

Amy said...

I have never heard of him, but your night out sounds great. Sleeping holding hands is so sweet!