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Friday, April 5, 2013

april SHOWERS {bring may flowers: vinegar & blue dawn}

april showers bring may flowers.
it's a rainy day and my kids are going stir crazy already.
good thing it's friday and my shower is SPARKLING.
vinegar and blue dawn!!!
where have you been all my life???
I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the after pic doesn't even do it justice.
and i'm not talking about tierra!
i will never clean my tub any other way ever again!
HOLY MOLEY sweet HEAVEN above!
Microwave white vinegar for 90 seconds.
Add to cleaning spray bottle.
Add 1/2 cup blue ultra dawn,
Swirl gently.
Spray tub, glass, walls of tub, etc.
Leave for 1-2 hours {i watched tv for 2 1/2 hours}
no wiping,
no leaning over my tub sweating and swearing at it,
just spray & wash away!
i totally sound like an infomercial.
now go do your magician work on your tub.
i can't stop looking at it.
every time i walk by i have to pull back the curtain and stare.
you won't believe your eyes.
at 11:45pm last night sean and i couldn't even pick our mouths up off of the bathroom floor.
you're gonna want to stop strangers on the street to tell them about it.
it's really that amazing.

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Sue said...

Great tip. Thanks!