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Friday, April 12, 2013

letters to Emily {6 countries in 6 days & poop--you've been warned!}

  (Rhine falls, switzerland)

Dearest Emily,
Your family is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I went on a trip.
Visited 6 countries in 6 days.
Germany-France-Switzerland-Liechtenstein-Austria-Czech Republic
It was wonderful, beautiful, and a blast.
I really hope you do come out and visit me!!
And sadly we had no run in's with running out of gas.  But that would have been a fun story. 
One of the best stories of the trip was Smith's poop.
Still changing my little Angel's diaper, and planning to for a LONG time.
but when you are at a Roesti Restaraunt in Appenzell Switzerland, changing a diaper for your almost 5 year old is the funniest and grossest thing ever.
So somewhere in the middle of eating a delicious meal of fried potatoes with caraway seeds and egg, 
(sounds weird, but it was divine!), 
Smith filled his diaper. 
That is Bryce's job.
So he took Smith out of the stroller to a separate area where there were cute little swiss bathroom stalls.
Bryce never asks for my help when it comes to changing diapers.
He ASKED for my help.
poked his out of the door and said," umm..sweetie, I need your help"
I knew it was going to be bad. 
I walked to the stall where Smith was covered.  
COVERED in poop.  
From his waist to his feet. 
Gird your loins.  
Roll up your sleeves.  
and Put your shoulder to the wheel.
I had Bryce roll up the top half of his clothes, which seemed untouched from the poop, 
and hold Smith's arms, 
while I used an ENTIRE package of wet wipes to wipe his bottom half of his body completely down.
Luckily it was cold, and he was wearing two pairs of pants.  
His bottom pants and socks were thrown in the garbage.  
He was able to wear Bryce's socks, his top pair of pants, and his shoes. 
I didn't want to mention all the poop we washed off of Bryce and the floor. 
It was awesome.
Smith was having the time of his life. Laughing the whole time.
It was hilarious.
Bryce and I were laughing after we got it all under control.
There will always be a special place in my heart for that little restaurant. 
Anyway, I thought a fellow mom would appreciate that story.
I love your stories too.
Like searching for a coat for 24 hours. 
Just awesome.
Brennan is getting so big!
And your little ones are all growing up! 
So crazy!
How is the weather right now in Utah?
How is balancing three kids?
Any new pop culture I should know about? (I am so disconnected)
I loved the post you wrote about GMO's.  They are evil.  STAY away!!!  
Europe has very strict laws against GMO's.  
I am lucky to not have to worry about it.  
The food is amazing here.  
But they don't have Peanut butter in abundance.  
They do have hazelnut butter though, and it's AMAZING!  
You should pick some up and see what you think! 
love  you.
you are an amazing Mother and Wife.
 (Appenzell switzerland)
(Above: Prague, Czech Republic)

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becca said...

wow gorgeous photos i'm jealous i always wanted to travel