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Monday, May 20, 2013

it's time for lunch & other weekend news

this morning chase packed sean's lunch.
it included:
26 fruit snacks
4 chocolate covered granola thins
3 bags of crackers
8 granola bars
12 applesauce packs

we are talking about a variety of nutrition here today.
clearly, chase is all about healthy clean eating.
so proud:)
on saturday,
while i was pushing max 
around costco on her 
new mattress, 
chase got stung by a bee.
on his big fat thumb.
he touched it while the bee was floating on the purple boat in the water table.
sean was weeding our garden beds.
that's what brennan told me this morning.
about the bee and boat,
not the weeding.
b/c with 5 years you get more and more of the story as time goes on.
sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.
2 out of 3 gibson children have tangoed with bees in this way.
the bee always wins.
poor chaps.
good news to report:
2 out of 3 gibson's are for sure not allergic to bee stings.
and the stinger may still in fact BEE in his thumb.
i'm never good at the getting it out.
not sure if that is good news.
but it's news around here.
that's for sure.

happy monday:)

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Sue said...

One of mine was allergic to bees, and it was such a pain. We had to have one of those epi(nephrine) pens, just in case.