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Friday, May 24, 2013

yep, i know it {horse manure}

Cade: "Hey mom, do you know who's in love?"

Cade's Mom: "Yes, me and dad."
Cade: "YESSSSSSS! Who else?"
Cade's Mom: "Britt and Cameron."
Cade: "I knew it! Emily and Sean are in love too. I know it!"

last night sean shoveled horse manure for 5 hours.
and i spread it out with the kid's little red mini snow shovels.
the stable man loaded sean's dad's truck in 5 minutes with his tractor.
once in the morning, and once after dinner.
who knew i would ever be so excited about horse manure?
with the kids in bed and fast asleep after dinner,
we de-mulched the second bed of manure in the backyard 
for the last two hours of the sun turning to dark. 
under what looked like a full moon.
we talked about our day.
funny things the kids did and said,
plans for sean's tuna fish lunch on friday,
and about how smelly manure is when the wind sweeps right in front of your nose 
when you're laying it out in your garden beds.
the cold air felt so good on my sunburned neck.
{i wore sunscreen all day, and still my neck feels like it's on fire.}
then we talked about where we were planting what,
and sean found a carrot that never got pulled last fall,
to which i declared how much i despise growing carrots,
and how this year i was growing the corn there,
and beans instead of carrots somewhere else.
we finally came inside at 9:51pm.
the full moon teasing us with our work we could barely see.
and i could hardly wait to wake up this morning to it all.
i now have all flower and garden beds mulched and ready for summer.
our yard looks like a million bucks:)
my garden beds!
oh the garden beds!
that will be rota-tilled and planted this memorial day weekend.
i am SO excited!!!
it's planting time.
do you know why?
b/c he LOVES me.
not the stable man.
i know it!
happy memorialing to you and yours.


becca said...

lol got love the whole idea of horse manure and creating a post out of it.

Sue said...

Yep, that's true love. For sure!