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Monday, May 13, 2013

the pancakes he saw on rachel ray {mother's day}

6:51am-chase wakes up, sean puts binky in, everyone goes back to sleep.

sometime with a 7am in front of it-brennan wakes up and wishes me my first happy mother's day of the day. he has to say it twice, b/c i had my ear plugs in the first time and had to take them out to hear him say it a second time. he kissed me and hugged me. i will always remember the cute smile he had on his face. i love him.

{sean makes card with pictures of he and the kids on the card, including the morning's shenanigans.}
{to be placed on my breakfast in bed tray.}
{all while i am still fast asleep.}

9:34am-brennan with a tall glass of orange juice that i for sure thought he was going to spill, sean with a tray of food and a baby man on his hip, and max with a giant smile, bring me breakfast in bed. i feed them bites of sean's raspberry and blackberry infused, topped with honey butter homemade rachel ray syrup, kodiak cake pancakes. we pass the orange juice around. i open my card and pampering day present. the kids were SO excited. i loved it, even in my half awake state. sean tells me he found the pancake and syrup recipe while watching rachel ray's cooking show at a patient's house, who he was stretching, who was watching it. get it? so cute:)

9:42am-sean shoos the kids downstairs and tells me to stay in bed and relax, read a book, or whatever. i call my grandma joy, and drink some more juice with my pancakes while he feeds the kids breakfast downstairs. i lick the syrup off of my plate. it's amazing syrup. i call my mom. we chat.

10:15am-i get in the shower, brennan comes in once. sean comes in twice. chase gets put to bed for a nap. no idea what max was doing. bless her. so easily entertained with herself.

sean's parents and grandma arrive for hellos, hugs, and flowers.
get ready for church, search for my phone.
start roast in crockpot and try to get to church by 2.
when it starts.
yes, i'm serious.
awful, except on mother's day when it works out really GREAT:)
grandma carol meets us at church.
comes home with us from church.
sit on the patio.
push the kids on the swings.
pull chase out of the dirt.
scold brennan for throwing sand in the sand box.
sean changes max's underwear that she peed in.
sean does dishes.
call family.
tango more family.
call more family.
 {above: my beautiful mom on mother's day, and the happiest baby man alive.}
my favorite part of the day?
when sean collapses and tells me he doesn't know how i do it every day:)
b/c he's been in the kitchen making food, cleaning up food, taking people to the potty 50 times, and put kids in time out for what feels like the entire day.
i laughed really really hard.
and smiled SOOOO big:)
in an 
"i'm so appreciative you love and appreciate me, and our life is so crazy funny AWESOME"
kind of way.
i love these babies.
i love that man named sean.
i love my mom and sandie.
my mother in law.
my grandma's,
past and present.
my friend's moms.
and the many other moms i look up to in my life.
happy mother's day to all,
and to all a good monday!

{below: me and sandie two years ago at the lake house, dinner out. she is such a doll!}
last by certainly not least,
to my awesome DAD!!!!!!!
at the right bold age of 66 he is more fit than most 25 year olds.
really, it's true.
i dare you to try the single water ski.
i bet you can't.
he still can.
go dad.

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Sue said...

Oh, that bundt cake!

Glad you had such a great day!!