"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, May 11, 2013

we almost shaved two heads

"brennan, you look like an old man!" -cade
usually it takes me until july to talk him into shaving his head,
after two months of sweating it out in the utah summer heat.
this year, on my second offer to buzz it off, he said yes,
so i went running for the clippers.
5 minutes later and the job was D-O-N-E done.
chase stared at brennan without moving for a good 5 min. off of the back porch after.
if i could only have known what was going through his baby man brain.
there was just something missing,
and he couldn't quite place it...
at which point max decided she would ALSO like her head shaved.
and while i wanted to be open minded and not restricted to 
social predispositions on gender correct hair styles,
i just couldn't bring myself to be supportive of such a task.
for 2.5 minutes i was sure there would be life long psychological implications 
and repercussions of this event in her teenage years if i did not agree to her wishes.
i imagined a 15 year old max with a half shaven head and neon green hair that remained on the other side.
call me stereotypical if you must.
i just really wanted to avoid shaving her head.
i talked her into 4" off the bottom.
seeing as the tangles were really the root of the problem.
and once i explained that you can't do Rapunzel braids with no hair she changed her mind anyway.
AND as i discovered, by asking me to shave her head,
she didn't ACTUALLY mean shave her head like brennan,
and PANICKED with eyes bigger than the state of texas
and a shriek higher than mirah carrey's octaves
when i said that shaving her head meant having NO hair.
"just a little shave of the tangles" really meant trimming out the tangles from the bottom.
shaving=scissors trimming.
mental note NOTED.
really dodged the bullet on that one.
i only meant to take 2" off,
but by the time i finished the first time around,
one side was 2" shorter than the other.
{cutting a 3 year old's hair who is constantly moving proves harder the second time you do it},
so i had to go back around and even it out.
goodbye tangles and tears.
our mornings just got a LOT easier:)
and i can still braid it.
i'm just not sure about buns...
welcome summer.

she was so proud.
and brennan keeps asking me every morning if we can go ride bikes out front.
so he can "show everyone his cool bald head."
AND about every 5 minutes he asks me if his head is still bald like an old man.
and when i confirm that indeed it still is,
he always wants to know if we can shave it again when it's not.
clearly, he won't have any psychological implications from his haircut.
good thing.