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Friday, June 28, 2013

make immediately {cheese sticks recipe}

make these.
mozarella sticks
panko bread crumbs
bowl of milk
2 eggs
canola/vegetable oil
bowl of flour

1. eggs in bowl, pour in a little milk, stir with fork until mixed. 
2. put bread crumbs in a bowl with some parsley flakes {i used about 1 tbls spoon of parsley}
3. cut cheese sticks in half.
4. dip cheese sticks in milk, roll in flour, dunk in egg/milk mixture, roll in bread crumbs, put on plate.
5. repeat for all breadsticks.
6. place in freezer for 30 min.
7. heat oil on stove {enough to cover sticks}.
8. once oil is hot {about 5 min}, put sticks in, turn over when golden brown, put on paper towel to drain, eat right away while still gooey and warm:)
9. dunk in ranch {or marinara if you fancy}.

yeah, they were gone in 5 minutes.
all of them.
note to self: make twice as much next time.

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Phô mai que said...

Your cheese sticks look so yummy. I've always been in love with this food. Thanks for the recipe!