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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

alcohol & vinegar {swimmer's ear}

swimmer's ear is brutal.
wish i would have had my wits about me at 2:30am this morning to have figured out it was that.
instead, sean and i gave him tylonel {b/c we have been out of motrin for over a month--i'm in denial that we will need it during the summer months. we shouldn't need it during the summer months. wah!}, 
water with a straw {part of me thought he was just dehydrated with a headache}, 
and we just kept thinking 
"he's going to calm down and go back to sleep any minute. 
any minute now! wait for it...wait for it..."
the poor kid just kept crying inconsolably while we held him and tried to talk him down.
3 hours later he fell asleep for an hour and was back up screaming again. 
at 6am i watched the sun come up through our blackout curtains, and i've got to admit, 
i was wishing it was winter and dark for another two hours.
i envisioned snow falling outside, my heater just getting ready to warm us up,
{surely i was a traitor to summer at that very moment. no shame. july is just too hot once it's over.}
cold air ready to pounce on me from over my heavy down comforter...
at which point he was so exhausted from being up until 10:30pm the night before, 
and then waking up for half of the night, that he finally cried himself back to sleep holding my hand.
and then i fell back asleep to.
the last thing i remember hearing was sean's alarm buzzing him awake to get ready for work.
and right then i just felt tired like i was old.
or at least, i remember thinking, i'm sure not 25 anymore am i.
b/c sleep never felt so good.
1tbls white vinegar
1tbls rubbing alcohol
3 drops in ear, 
lay for 5 minutes, 
cotton ball in ear to sit up, 
remove when you're 5 year finally knocks it out 
{so pretty much 2 seconds after he sits up.}
good as new:) 
like i said,
wish i would have thought of this at 2:30am.
better late than never.
boy i loved cuddling with him while we slept.

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