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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

firecrackle, cinderella, & evil black ninjas

sean: once upon a time there was a guy named firecrackle.
brennnan: the guy with four eyes and TWO swords. 
sean: and a princess named ariel max. together they went to a ball.
brennan: firecrackle doesn't dance. he only eats food and drinks.
sean: so firecrackle held ariel's arm, and walked her in.
brennan: no, no, no, he does NOT hold arms of girls.
sean: ok, he held her hand.
brennan: NO, NO, NO, no holding!
sean: ok, they walked in side by side into the ball. ariel danced by herself, and firecrackle went to the food table.
max: mommy, sing the be-bastian song.
me: later.
brennan: firecrackle has 4 eyes and two swords. 
sean: so firecrackle is wearing his suit at the ball.
brennan: no, no, no, NO suit. just his fighting clothes.
sean: he has to wear his fancy suit OVER his fighting clothes. that's what spies do.
brennan: ok, yes.
sean: so he's wearing his fancy suit OVER his fighting clothes, and ariel is dancing by herself, and firecrackle is eating food and drinking soda at the food table, and all of a sudden he has a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen to ariel.
max: no, no, no, i want to be cinderella.
sean: ok, he's worried about cinderella, and then as firecrackle starts walking over to cinderella, evil black ninjas start descending from the ceiling.
brennan: no, no, no dad. they had to go down.
sean: descending is a fancy word for going down.
brennan: oh. 
sean: so firecrackle pulls off his fancy suit and is there in his fighting clothes!!!! 
{brennan kicks off his covers, does three different sets of intense ninja moves.}
sean: calm down.
max: mom, why are you and dad laughing?
me: because dad and brennan are hilarious.
max: oh.
and then max asked me to scratch her back, legs, arms, stomach, and i somehow missed the end of the story, but i'm pretty sure firecrackle saved the princess and got a kiss on the cheek at the end. yes, that's right because brennan was laughing in a fit of horror that such an awful thing would happen. NO KISSING. there's NO KISSING. that's what he said. and then there was something about sean telling brennan to tell his kindergarten teacher tomorrow that he {brennan} "has the skills to pay the billZ." at which point max kicked me in the neck twice and i called it a night.
stories and songs are my absolute favorite part of our day.

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