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Friday, October 11, 2013

letters to Emily {pumpkin cooking, allergic reactions, & Croatia}

Dearest Emily,

I have been meaning to write you back!  I love all your wisdom and your beautiful family.  You are amazing.  Life is great here in Heidelberg.  I love the fall leaves changing colors and cooking everything pumpkin....from ricotta pumpkin ravioli's to pumpkin bread.  
They sell these lovely little pumpkins that taste like heaven.  Put them in a soup, put them in a pie, you will never go back to canned pumpkin ever again!  We went to Croatia for conference weekend and it was so fun!  Uncharted territory is what it felt like.  The food was delicious.  They are known for there olive orchards there, so we picked up some local olive oil off the side of the road from this nice Croatian man that almost made me drink olive alcohol!  Don't worry, I didn't end up drinking it, once I figured out what he was saying and what he handed me I just laughed and gave the shot back to him!  He couldn't believe I would turn down such a delicacy!  But hey, we're mormon, that's what we do!  I actually got into the ocean and it was heaven.  While i was swimming Smith got bit by a mosquito 8 times on his face.  Smith is severely allergic to mosquito bites.  His face swelled up so much!  Poor little SMithy.  I felt so bad for him.  But his swelling always goes down within three days.  I know you saw the post of Bear when he got all blotchy from some chips that the ingredients said, "sussmolkenpolver" which translates in english to "sweet milk powder"  I somehow skipped that and gave them to Bear and he was loving them!  All of a sudden he started to rub his eyes and got all blotchy....time for the allergy drill.  Take off his clothes put him in the bath and make him chug his prescribed dose of benedryl.    That was a  mild reaction though.  Not too scary.  I actually was quite composed this time.  As in, I didn't swear, (maybe in German, but that doesn't count) and my heart rate wasn't as high as it usually gets with a reaction.   It's when his mouth swells and I can't see his eyes very well because he is so puffy that I do the above to the extreme.  Ha ha!  Bear is getting so fun!  He climbed up all the stairs to our apartment by himself today!  I looked at Bryce and said, "now it's time for another one...right?"  He defintely laughed about that.  I always thought once Bear can get up the stairs by himself we should have another one.....I don't see that happening...  
Anyway, how are you?  How was conference?  What was your favorite talk?  I miss you and your lovely family.  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Beth Wethy

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