"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, October 4, 2013


dear sean,
it's your birthday today!
i love you!!!
i just wanted to tell you that you are AMAZING:)
amazing and fabulous.
my favorite thing about you is your integrity.
you never have to worry about what you say or do because of it.
it is inspiring to me.
you are inspiring to me.
also, i really love your big brown eyes.
and your face.
your face is great.
ok, really everything about you is great.
i used all of the painter's tape this week to make the race car track for the kids.
i took it out of your toolbox in the garage,
and i know you already know that
because it's been up now for several days.
BUT i just don't remember if i told you that i used the last of the painter's tape 
to make it.
so now you will know to pick some more up the next time you're at home depot.
anything for the chance 
of an uninterrupted shower:)
except what happened was not that.
b/c i guess chase started ripping up the tape,
and max and brennan tried to tell him not to,
but what ended up happening was max screaming and screeching in her banshee cry,
and brennan was pushing chase away trying to get him to stop, so he was crying in his i'm dying cry, but really he was just mad they wouldn't let him rip all of the tape off.
{i knew he was just going to want 
to rip all of the tape off.}
i didn't know about any of this until max and chase came screaming into the bathroom 
while i was showering.
conditioner in my hair and only one leg shaved.
there was just no way i was getting out of the shower at that point.
so i told them i couldn't 
help them until i was done.
max was all bent out of shape,
and chase ended up ripping up the painters tape on the bathroom floor.
very satisfied with the entire thing.
i found brennan downstairs watching tv,
and max coloring with markers at the table.
i pressed all of the tape back into place,
and kept distrating chase with the mcqueen parking garage for the rest of the night.
by the second day we finally had chase convinced to NOT pull up the tape anymore.
because driving cars on it was so much better.
i love how he just wants to be included and feel big like max and chase.
my favorite thing is when brennan and max realize that's all he wants, 
and they help him feel included.
can you believe how "rich" we are with these 3 kids. millionaires!!! sometimes i can't believe it. how truly blessed we are to all have each other.
let's have some more some day.
just not today;)
i can't wait to celebrate your birthday with you tonight.
you're the best.

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Sue said...

Have fun tonight! And happy birthday!!