"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 2, 2013

the shiek who didn't like fog. {it's dec 2nd guys}

december 2, 1982
things to note:
1. my chubby little newborn face. squish.
2. my dad's fro and my mom's bangs. adorable.
3. my mom's homemade pink blanket, 
and the bunting outfit they brought me home in.
4. that baby basket i wish she still had.
5. grandma max.
6. my dad in his suit coat. what a classy guy.
see cute grandma max in her yellow coat?
that's makenzie maxine's namesake.
what a gem, that grandma max!
my mom was 11 days overdo,
and grandma max was there to see my aunt mary, 
who was supposed to be flying into san francisco the day before.
aunt mary was a stewardess for a saudi arabian shiek back then,
and he wanted to go to san francisco.
so grandma max flew out to cal-i-for-nigh-ayyyyy all the way from iowa
to meet up with her baby mary.
that was until the shiek heard it was foggy in san francisco.
as the story goes,
he changed his mind the minute he heard the fog had rolled in.
because in fact, 
a FOGGY san fransisco was not where he wanted to go.
little did he know,
a foggy san francisco is actually pretty great.
so with spirits a little down, having missed aunt mary's arrival,
my grandma max talked my very overdo mother into a glass of wine with lunch.
to relax you know,
which my mother still attributes to putting her into labor later that night.
or early the next morning,
i only have one extra toe from it.
so on this birthday day of mine,
i'd like to say,
thanks mom,
for having me.
especially for having me early in december,
because as a kid, 
everyone knew you didn't want your birthday too close to christmas.
so here's to december 2nd
being my favorite day on the calendar.
or clock.
because OH how i used to love to look at the numbers 12-2 
 together on my little white alarm clock!
even if i don't always get my wish for snow.
{except for that ONE year when i was a kid, and i did. magic.}

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Amy said...

:) Happy super late birthday! You make me smile every time I read your blog!