"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

apology accepted.

close enough!
i call this mother nature's way of giving me an apology 
for ornery, cranky children all day on my birthday yesterday.
quite the apology.
you're forgiven universe;)
and in the words of brennan,
"i apology accept you."
glory be,
the 1st snow of the year is always the very best.
mostly because you know it will be
time of the entire snow season
where the 20 minutes it takes to get them dressed
to go out in the snow
will be totally
and completely
worth it.
because the thrill of the flakes is just so brand new.
like they've never played in it before in their entire lives.
and as i walked through the fresh half foot of snow around the back with max,
i couldn't imagine ever being sick of it snowing.
{except may is always so far away when it's januray.}
but for now,
we will just relish in the newness of it.
the official changing of the guards.
where fall hands its torch over to father christmas,
and the christmas lights on our house start to glow through blankets of snow.
like something out of a story book you've always dreamed of living in.
they maxed out at just over an hour today.
the kids in the snow.
praise the heavens above:)
it's Christmastime!
 raising snow lovers one snowy day at a time over here.


Sue said...

Hope you had a super fun birthday, cranky kids notwithstanding.


Amy said...

I remember thinking about you during this snowfall. Thinking how it was just one day late, but it could still work for your birthday. I love that Max has the same shade of blue in her eyes that you do. Love love love the first photo!