"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, December 8, 2013

would you rather clean up puke?

sometimes when it snows,
our house looks like a gingerbread house.
things for you to know 
about snow and winter.
1. it's warmer when it snows. it's a scientific fact. google it. i dare you.
clouds hold in the warm air. 
i learned this living in rexburg, idaho.
but not from googling it.
just from walking to class on snowy days.
and after 6 months of doing that,
for four years in a row,
you start to realize stuff like it's warmer on snowy days.
you're welcome.
2. when you wake up on a winter morning,
it is important to start by putting on a long sleeved shirt.
then go about your dressing business as usual.
it's just part of the wardrobe,
and i promise you, it's super cool too.
also, scarves.
and gloves.
and your usual coat.
don't leave home without them,
or you'll be the whining person whining about how you're miserable in the cold.
3. snow on top of christmas lights is the warmest thing you've ever seen.
4. sometimes it's colder when the sun comes out.
confusing, i know.
see #1. no clouds.
frigid cold.
which normally only happens in january.
except this year, it's happening in december.
see #2.
5. CARPET under your kitchen table and at your back door is not always a bad thing.
who knew?
you're regularly scheduled program will now be continued
at its regular time.
a big thanks to our sponsor,
mother nature.
we couldn't do it without you.
would you rather clean up puke
dress your kids in snow gear?
tough call.
i know.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Hahaha! What a great "would you rather...?" Snow gear wins for me, hands down. I don't do well with puke. I clean up everything else, but Jeffrey is on the throw up patrol.