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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

dear mom and dad, i made them carry their own skis. love, em

nobody cold.
nobody crying.
everybody asking to come back.
first we went to the 
wrong side of the mountain.
put all of their snow gear on.
walked across the parking lot.
walked across the the snow to the ski shop.
walked up to the stairs of the ski shop.
found out we were in the wrong spot.
but we needed to neck warmers and goggles 
so we just got them there and got their lift tickets.
walked down the stairs, back across the snow.
back across the parking lot.
left all the ski stuff on.
drove to the other side.
walked across the parking lot.
walked across the snow,
down the elevator to the ski school.
found out we needed to go to rentals first.
went up the elevator,
walked across the snow.
down a flight of stairs into the rentals.
stood in the rental line.
where brennan slammed max's head into the wall.
she cried a lot.
it was not great.
got the kids outfitted for snow boots and skis.
walked up the stairs.
in ski boots.
carrying their own skis.
b/c in my family ya carry your own crap.
no disrespect to the equipment of course;)
have you ever done this?
my least favorite thing as a kid.
and while i was watching my kids hike up a flight of stairs
with their skis in their arms,
and ski boots on their feet,
with me hauling up the back end hands free except for a bag with their regular shoes,
i was laughing so hard.
full circle.
i had come full circle.
i was so proud watching them carry their own crap.
thanks mom and dad for teaching me to carry my own crap.
because now i don't have to carry my kids ski stuff:)
insert angel choir singing here.
because i know they can carry it themselves.
so we walked up the stairs,
across the snow,
{note: watching an almost 6 yr old and 4 yr old walk in ski boots for the first time i quite entertaining}
down the elevator to the ski school for the second time,
and check into ski school
where they tell us 
it's time to take off all of their ski stuff.
oh MY!
it was the funnest day.
i just kept thinking that this would be really awful if i was carrying and chasing chase around.
which made it fun b/c i wasn't and so it was just fun.
is it friday yet?
brennan keeps asking when is it ski school day again?
thank you andrea and amanda for watching chase.

only 2 more sleeps 
until ski school day:)

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Amy said...

The one time I went skiing (first grade. I got to skip school for it), I had so much fun! Haven't been back since. I bet watching littles ski is almost more fun, though.