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Sunday, February 23, 2014

if you're ever going to throw a Tangled party...{max turns 4}

linsey showed up at my house at 10:08am 
and started braiding 
9 yellow yarn rapunzel braids,
while i made gift baggies 
and a pinata on my kitchen counter.
i give you,
max's 4 year old Rapunzel party.
thank you pinterest:)
my favorite decoration:
rapunzel's hair sweeping through 
the front door and into the party.
i left it up for three days i loved it so much.
5 yellow rectangle table cloths tied together.
things to know about the braids:
it took 2 things of yarn to create,
and about 3 hours to braid them.
after the 2 hours it took to get them cut apart and separated in the thickness that i wanted.
thank you linsey.
you are a braiding goddess.
when the little party princesses arrived the first thing they did was decorate 
the braids with flowers i took off of different leis from zurchers,
and old plastic jewels in my craft box from the basement.
sean and i were armed with hot glue guns rotating around that table for a good half an hour.
then came the moment where we put all of the hats on,
the backs of their heads.
and all of the girls were crying/whining/frowning about their hats falling off 
{b/c the braids were so heavy}
and i thought to myself,
"i should have listened to that girl on pinterest that used hair clips."
i was bound and determined to make these braided hats work 
after all of the hours spent in making them,
so we fancied up a good way to put the hats on sideways, 
with one strap behind an ear,
and the other in front and off to the side,
and taught the girls how to hold their heads just right so they wouldn't fall off,
and vwallah, problem solved:)
go us.
okay, not really, but it worked ok for at least half of the party.
the other half of the party the decorated braided party hats stacked up together on the banister.
still my favorite party favor i've ever sent home with kids.
and the girls LOVED decorating them.
my homemade pinata:
one old ALL detergent box.
covered in regular printer paper,
and pictures of flynn rider i found online through pinterest:)
took me 5 minutes and a $5 bag of tangled candy from walmart.
with a frying pan.
the girls laughed SOOOO HARD through this part.
tying up FLYNN with rapunzel's hair.
it was hysterical!!!
i had 3 rolls of yellow crate paper,
and each girl took turns going around 4 times.
by the end we had multiple girls with crate paper going around at a time.
FLYNN was such a good sport;)
at the end the girls counted down and then "flynn" broke out of the hair.
i traced the sun before hand on canvasses i bought from walmart.
3 pack canvasses were $3ish each.
i also bought a massive pack of paintbrushes of all sizes.
pin the nose on Flynn Rider:
free coloring page online that i had blown up 
at office max for about $4.
colored the noses and cut them out from a website i found on...
wait for it...
wait for it...
ok you guessed it.

photo booth:
for our party guests as they were leaving.
complete with flynn's nose to hold up over their own.
party favors:
rapunzel cups with water color paints inside.
'cause ya know,
it's Rapuzel's AND Max's favorite thing on the planet to do!
pinterest is just 
i found her passed out on the couch at 6:15pm.
that's what i call a success!
and that's when i decided 
that you only get one awesome themed party in the gibson home.
and it's when you're 4.
because it's magical,
and they love and adore it.
after that,
we are farming them out;)

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Amy said...

Goodness, that party looks like it was a lot of work, and all so worth it! So much fun! I especially love the Pin the Nose on Flynn Ryder!