"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, March 27, 2014

tarantulas in bathrooms, how babies are "borned," and naming twins.

while i was making enchiladas tonight...
 tonight we let the kids 
stay up a little late.
just late enough to almost lose our patience in the end.
you  know the kind.
where you're so close but so far away?
that kind.
it was one of those nights where it was fun to just let them run around crazy.
and you KNOW there's no way they're going to get to bed 
any time soon because you've wound them up so crazy.
but you just keep going
because they're all laughing and smiling and so happy being in the crazy.
and i just sat there knowing that someone was going to smash someone's hand,
or bonk heads with someone,
or run into a door and then everyone would be crying,
and we'd be wishing we didn't let them get crazy.
but nobody did:)
sean would chase one kid into my arms,
and i'd start to get them undressed for their jammies
{b/c on crazy nights there just ain't no way you're talking them into doing it on their own}
and then he'd throw me another,
and i'd have to let go of one to get the other,
and then the first one would get away,
so i'd work on the second,
until he brought the first one back,
who was usually walking around with one arm out of a shirt,
and pants halfway down their legs,
making them walk kind of funny.
then i'd get something else off of one,
and then they'd get away again.
and by now two of them were hiding in the closet,
giggling and squealing behind the sliding doors,
while we held the last one down.
finally somehow we managed to get them all in their jammies.
and all out of the closet.
then we just laid in their beds with them and listened to them talk to each other.
and i just couldn't get enough of their little voices.
their tiny little perfect sweet little kid voices.
i sat there memorizing what their tiny little voices sounded like, 
so i could remember them forever just like that.
brennan told max for the 100th time how babies come out of girls,
and how there is no way a baby could ever come out of 
what boys have because they would definitely get stuck trying to come out,
and then they'd be in there forever.
and then for the 100th time max buried her head under the covers about it,
even though i told her that with good drugs it's actually not too bad at all,
and that we just didn't need to worry about it right now anyway.
and then brennan told her for the 100th time how he is just so glad he wasn't "borned a girl" because he did NOT ever want to push a baby out of his "fa-jina" if he were borned a girl.
at which point max wailed in grief and terror,
and kept looking down at her girl self parts,
and you could tell she was just desperate to figure out how on earth a baby was going to come out of there.
{they have this same conversation almost every night before bed lately}.
and sean and i laughed really really hard.
because it was super SUPER funny.
then brennan told us that there is a tarantula in the boys kindergarten bathroom at school,
and so he cannot go poo in there because the tarantula would get him.
and then i told him that there was not a tarantula in there,
and he was all,
"yeah there is. maddie said so. some boy told her there was, so there was."
and i said,
"i promise you there is no tarantula in the boy's kindergarten bathroom, 
and even if there was one,
don't you remember that your book said they're not poisonous to humans anyway?"
and he was like,
"maybe that boy maddie knows was talking about the 1st grade bathrooms."
and you could tell that he had made peace about being able to go poo in the boy's kindergarten bathroom if the situation ever presented itself,
which he guaranteed me it wouldn't.
because he said you just don't poop at school.
i told him "i get it."
and sean and i laughed some more.
and then they started talking about watching frozen tomorrow night,
and what they would name twin babies if i ever had twins.
and max said she would name the girl twin "anna" from frozen.
and brennan said he would name the boy twin "flash."
and that if he could pick the girl name too, he would also name the girl twin "flash."
they would both be named "flash" and "flash."
it was maybe my most favorite night laying in bed with my kids ever.


Bryan Mehr said...

Way to go Em! You are living the dream! I admire the check out of you, you are an inspiration to me. Thank you for showing me how it is done! I love you guys.

kkupfer said...

I loved this post, it makes me feel ok knowing you let them run around having fun, because that's what kids should do.(i often wonder if I let them run in our apartment to much!) I love it.. Kids are the best!