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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

letters to Emily {time outs & kindergarten in germany}

Dearest Emiline,

Skiing!!  How fun!  I love how good Brennan is.  Awesome.  I wish I knew how to ski.  I skied a few times in my life and those few times were before I was eight!  That would be so cool if Brennan did the german immersion program!  I would love that!  Then Brennan and Bear would have secret conversations in german.  How cool would that be?  So fun.    We took a tour of Bear's Kindergarten the other day and it was amazing.  The Kindergarten's here are actually preschools in the states.  Bear will be starting Kindergarten in November.  As soon as we walked in I was in love with the kindergarten.  They had live baby chickens that they were raising.  They had an old wooden play house inside.  It is built onto the back of a cathedral down our street so preist will come once a month and tell bible stories to the kids (of course this is all in German) and they have a large play area in the back.  I am so excited for him to learn new things and make new friends.  I have been looking for sports summer camps for little Bear to attend and I can't seem to find any.  I guess that age is hard to find things for.  I guess time outs are a new thing for me because when have I ever had to put Smithy in a time out....hmmmm never!  So this time out thing is hilarious.  Yesterday I put Bear in a time out for kicking a ball right at Smith's face, Smith was laying on the ground and he set it right in front of SMith's face and POW!  Right into Smithy's little face.  I had already warned him a few times about not putting hit foot on Smith's head so this was just the topper.  So I said, "okay that's it! Time out!"  So I set him on a chair and he bawled and bawled and I explained to him why I put him time out and then I told him to say sorry to SMith.  He refused and refused then finally I said,"let's say it together, okay?"  And I counted to three and he actually said it.  Then at the dinner table that night Bear decided to tell Bryce, "Dad, kick Smith with ball, time out."  I loved that is the story that he had to share with Bryce.  So funny.  The funniest thing that Bear is doing these days is talking stocks with Bryce at breakfast time.  Bryce will go off about the stock market (over exaggerating it of course) and Bear will lean in and start repeating words and get really serious and talk back to Bryce.   It makes me laugh every morning.  Smithy has a new game he likes where you count to three and tickle him and before you say number three he bursts out laughing.  I love those little boys.  Bryce is busy getting ready to teach this summer and he is busy writing.  He stays on a strict 9-5 schedule every day.  He is amazing and inspirational.  I am 4 pages away to finishing my children's book!!!  I am way excited and I can't wait to show you when it is done.  Weather here is great, everything in full bloom and you can't ask for better weather!  Sunny, a little rainy and everything smells so fresh.  Well, love you girl.  I hope this letter finds you well. 



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