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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

the day you peed on grandpa {dear brennan}

dear brennan,
you were the fattest, chubbiest, cutest baby in the nursery.
your big chubby face and arms and legs,
OHHHH i wish i could squish them again right now.
i was so scared when they put you in my arms,
and still in shock that you were so big.
who on earth ever heard of having a 9lb 4oz baby anyway?
{who knew chase was be bigger?!}
i just remember thinking how excited i was that i just lost 10 pounds getting you out.
grandma carol, grandma and grandpa gibson, and aunt ashlie 
came to the hospital super late at night to see you after you were born.
i ate a big mac.
it grosses me out so much to think about that now.
why did i pick a big mac?
dad had just given you a bath.
and we all sat around holding you 
and watching the video tape of dad giving you a bath until after midnight.
this was before smart phones when you could only take videos on video cameras.
i think i might actually be a grown now after saying that.
the next day the pediatrician on call 
thought your esophagus hadn't been formed properly 
because you threw up something green, i think it was bile or something bodily like that,
and you had to drink this drink that when they x-rayed you
it would show them how it traveled through your body in the color blue.
dad took you.
i stayed in the room and cried with grandma carol.
she brought me jamba juice.
i barfed it up:)
i didn't take Vicodin anymore after that.
when they brought you back and told us you were fine, 
and that you had just swallowed meconium, and that it was just a precaution anyway,
we sighed a huge sigh of relief and decided we didn't like that lady doctor anymore.
the little free hospital shirt was so tiny on you.
i remember the nurse saying "it's the thought that counts."
we laughed because you were such a fat man in a little suit.
the hat i brought for you to wear home was so tight around your big head,
but i just really wanted you to wear it home,
so i squished it on your big head, took some pictures,
and wore it home.
when we got home, we took your cap off, 
and you had the worst mark from the hat being too tight on your head.
i didn't worry about hats anymore.
plus, you were always really hot and sweaty 
so you didn't need them anyway.
grandpa ryan flew in from california to see you for a few hours that day we brought you home.
you peed on his nice airplane clothes.
it was funny.
we all laughed.
grandpa couldn't change his clothes because he didn't bring any luggage for a few hours trip,
so he had to fly home with your pee on his pants.
i bet it dried really fast and didn't even smell,
but grandpa knew.
i wish i could go back and do it all over again.
except i'd tell that lady doctor to leave us be.


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Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Brennan! What fun memories you have of his birth. But I have learned no matter the circumstances, you are a glass half full kind of girl.