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Thursday, March 6, 2014

fat thursday {mardi gras}

how long 
does mardigras go anyway?
did i even spell it right?
max "decorated" ariel yesterday, and it made me laugh really hard.
because it just seemed so "fitting."
especially since my brother included me on the group text to charles in charge, 
i mean charles and friends dressed up in their beads and tutus for fat tuesday.
with someone filling up a cup of something on someone's back.
or was it their bum?
everyone was fully clothed,
and by that i mean totally mardi gras'd out.
it was awesome.
it's times like these where i just love technology.
other times when my internet doesn't work,
and the wifi is down,
and max is sick as a dog, 
and only wants to watch a movie on my phone and can't,
because you know, the internet and wifi are not working.
those are the times i don't love technology at all.
is it a week?
or just tuesday?
i don't get out much.
and i live in utah.
i didn't spell it right.
it's two words.
thank you google.
say it with me:
mardi gras.
this is what mardis gras looks like at our house:
we're on day 5 of this over here.
fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose,
and now a hurting right ear.
say it with me:
mardi gras
or ear infection.
poor thing.

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