"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, May 12, 2014

i love that man i call sean {mother's day}

{i didn't take a single picture yesterday. how is that even possible???}
"nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing 
unless it means effort, pain, difficulty...
i have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. 
i have envied a great many people 
who led difficult lives and led them well." 
-theodore roosevelt

my peaks of mother's day:

max waking me up with "happy mother's day! you're the best mommy in the whole world!", followed by a kiss on the cheek and a great big hug. the best part was that sean was still fast asleep. she remembered what day it was all on her own, and it was the first thing she did right when she got out of bed.
best mother's present ever.

sean staying up until after midnight the night before chopping cheese, hicama, oranges, and avocadoes while he blended his homemade cilantro orange citrus salad dressing. which might i add was the best dang salad i've ever had. even my kids had two helpings each. the filet mignons he grilled out back were just icing on the cake. except really, the icing on the cake was his homemade chocolate drizzle over a triple chocolate bundt cake. the only cake i like. {i'm not a cake person, except when it comes to this cake.}

breakfast in bed. my kids always end up eating most of it because they're there all excited to "be-prize me" {surprise me} and haven't eaten anything yet themselves. imagine 3 little birdies in a nest with me and a fork, balancing orange juice and hot chocolate like a teeter totter on my lap. it's hilarious and i love it! sean shews them off after about half of my food is eaten and 2/3rd of my drinks are gone. it works out pretty great.

eating chocolates during sunday school from a little green box that said "happy mother's day" on it.

watching pretty little liars in my room for two hours in my bed all by myself after church:)
yep, i did. i have no shame.
and i'm always scared of the dark after.
actually i'm even scared when the sun is out. i'm such a whimp with murder mysteries.
oh the thrill!!!

getting homemade mother's day gifts from my children at church.

sean doing my job all day long.

having the most glorious dinner prepared by the loving hands of sean.

sean telling me he's ready for me to have my job back, that i'm the most amazing woman in the entire world, and how do i do what i do AND have friends over to play at the same time too? 
it pretty much made me feel awesome:)

my pits of mother's day:

a cold fast shower. we spent too much time gabbing with our own mothers and grandmothers on the phone and ran out of time, so i had to shower at the same time as the kids, and our water heater is pretty much pathetic. i knew i was doomed from the start. it was fine.

brennan yelling he hated me during sacrament meeting because i wouldn't let him go play in the bench across the aisle with cade. then crawling under the pew in front of us and kicking the bottom with angry eyes, then crawling under our pew and worming his way out into the aisle to see cade anyway, 
and then crawling back under the pew in front of us and kicking it even harder until sean finally had to carry him out like a toddler. it was so special.

max told me she wasn't going to be my kid anymore because i wouldn't let her go over to sit with cassie during sacrament meeting. basically the swensen family bench is like disneyland, and apparently we are great america. ok, maybe we're just the quarter rides at the mall. it was just one of "those church days."

chase running down the hall at church chasing max, only to have someone open the door and smack him in the face full steam ahead, at which point he flew a foot in the other direction. it was so so sad.

if life were easy, it wouldn't be hard.
-sheri dew
best job in the whole entire world:)
i love this life.
i love these kids.
and i love that man i call sean.
he can grill a steak like nobody's business!
happy mother's day to all of my mothers!

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