"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, June 12, 2014

9997, 9998, 9999, 1000, a billion.

cade: hi! i like your beard.
and your mustache.
facial hair man: thanks.
cade: it is so awesome. your beard and mustache. i want russian colors.
do you know what Russian colors are?
i think they're blue, white, and red.
can you do blue, white, and red?
facial hair man: yep, sure can. those are american flag colors too ya know?
cade: american colors are red, white, and blue!
i WANT RUSSIAN! russian flag colors. NOT american.
and red.
facial hair man: {laughing} ok, russian flag colors it is.
cade: do you know what RSL soccer colors are?
there's uh yellow, and red, and blue. is there white?
facial hair man: here ya go, RUSSIAN flag colors.
cade: yep sir-ee, RUSSIAN:) i like your beard! and your mustache!
{walks away}

this was the day where brennan 
spilled his shave ice,
and then spilled chase's shave ice, 
after i scooped his spilled one up off of the metal chair with holes, and gave it to chase.
it was then that we decided the tables were not made for children eating shave ice.
grass was made for children eating shave ice:)
then brennan and cade struck up a conversation with a family over what comes after "a thousand."
during which time they yelled back and forth to me to confirm what they were saying.
it was not 1000 and 1.
it was a billion.
and brennan kept yelling at cade that he was interrupting him.
cade kept yelling at brennan that brennan wasn't letting him talk.
which brennan yelled back that he was interrupting him again.
at which point i just told everyone to just get into the car before we could never show our faces at lani's shave ice ever again. 
ohhhh when best friends act more like siblings:)
i was just so glad that 2 yr olds don't care about eating spilled shave ice 
that was scooped up off of a metal chair with holes:)

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Amy said...

Hahaha! Kids are such know it all's. Shave ice is awesome, and how lucky that guy knew how to make it Russian colors? {wink}