"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, June 12, 2014

on days when we have swimming lessons.

we are all big fans of chase's nap time:)
last thursday i sat out 
by the pool and let the kids swim all afternoon.
i was in the hammock with my book,
and dave was power washing the pool deck.
mudding the pool deck.
and painting the pool deck.
which = no available plugs for a baby monitor.
which doesn't really matter bc in chase's two years of life, not including the first 6 months, he has needed a baby monitor during nap time ZERO times.
even when he wakes up early,
he will patiently wait in his bed,
sucking and enjoying his binky until whenever you decide to come and get him.
it's awesome:)
so i sat out by that pool until 5:30 with my book,
and then i decided i'd better go check on my babe.
and do you know what i found?
a babe that was sobbing in the dark staircase to the basement bedroom,
locked behind the basement door.
did i mention he was sobbing?
for who knows how long.
i felt so badly.
mostly i was just sad for him to be scared in the dark.
he wasn't ever in any danger,
except of course when dave joked that he'd probably fallen down the stairs three times waiting for me, and crawled back up each time {thanks dave, that's what i said with a squinty eye on my face, with my head jolting out in front of me ever so slightly for effect.}
like i said,
it was very clear that he was perfectly safe and unscathed,
other than having red puffy eyes,
and being all shook up.
i told him not to climb out of his bed anymore,
and he said "oooooohhhhhh-T-T-T-T-taaaayyyyy moooommmmeeeeee,"
and i knew he wouldn't.
and he hasn't since.
{in fact when i come in to get him he says "wait for mommy" very proud.}
i kissed and cuddled that baby for the rest of the night,
until i had to change his diaper.
that's when he stepped out of the car and dropped the airplane on his toe and it sliced it open.
deeply sliced it open.
like i was wondering if we were gonna need stitches.
julie ran out with a bandaid and we conquered that it would not need stitches.
the kids all got to watch a movie on the way home, and chase got carried around like a newborn for the rest of the evening.
last thursday just wasn't chase's night.
his head on my chest never felt so good.

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Amy said...

Oh, nights like those help mothers remember that their toddlers are really just big babies still, and help us cherish those hugs and the sweet things. Poor boy, it really was not his night! So sweet that he still waits for you.