"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, July 31, 2014

dear max {bonus time back scratching}

dear max,

today you were super naughty.
like every time i turned around you were pulling someone's hair.
slamming a door.
spitting in someone's face.
or turning off the treadmill to get my attention.
we played princesses, balls, read books.
i mean, i don't think you and i have spent so much one on one time together in one day in a long time.
and still, by 7:15pm i was shooing you off to the bath to go to bed early after you threw muddy sand water in chase's face.
then you cried yourself to sleep screaming at dad and i, 
after i read you two books,
sang the ariel song twice,
gave you a cold drink of water,
AND let you bonus time back scratching.
man, it was good to spend so much time with you today.
but woman, puh-leazzzze don't turn off my treadmill in the middle of my workout again.
my OCD with numbers just can't handle restarting after i've already been going for 5 minutes.
also, i'm sure chase would appreciate not having his hair pulled tomorrow as well.
we love you bunches.
and man, i love it when you ask me to do your hair "just like" mine.


a gigantic fly has landed on my head three times during the time it took me to write this letter.

it's slow, and i think i might try to catch it in my hand next. except then i would probably just panic and let it go anyway.
the end.


Susan Anderson said...

She will get a kick out of reading this one day.


Susan Anderson said...

She will get a kick out of reading this one day!