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Saturday, August 2, 2014

from sun up to sun down {the cade and brennan show}

brennan: if i see a black widow i will put shoes on and turn it over. cade doesn't have shoes on. should he scream for you if he sees one?
cade: can black widows climb?
brennan: will we die if we get bit by a black widow? 
me: kids can die from a black widow bite yes.
brennan: do grown ups? would a grown up die? or would they just pass out?
cade: what is passing out?
brennan: it's when you go to sleep for a bit and you don't move.
cade: oh, my mom does that every day.
me: no, that's called napping.
brennan: no, it's NOT napping. napping is SWEEEPING. passing out is when you sleep like you have no bones.
cade: emily, when did you say the black widows come in the house?
brennan: WHEN IT RAINS CADE!!! they come IN when it rains!
me: i said i found a little ORANGE spider that was dead. there are NO black widows in the house.
cade: ohhhhhh, so can black widows dig through walls?
brennan: they can cade THEY CAN!!!
cade: how high can they climb?
me: there are NO black widows in the house.
cade: OHHH MYYYY GOOOOSSSSHHHHH. if you tell me more stuff i'm eating faster so i can get out of this house with the black widows in it!!!
brennan: CADE!!! they only come inside when it rains!
me: there are nooooo black widows coming in the house. i have never seen one in my house. {siiiiiigggghhhhhh}
inseparable just doesn't 
quite describe it.
from sun up to sun down.
now that's more of what it's like.
it's more like siblings.
there's no other kid on the planet that feels more like family than cade.
sometimes i want to pinch myself because i love it so much.
because a friendship like that is once in a lifetime.
and for some people, it doesn't even happen that once.
i'm so glad brennan got to have his once too.
{ballet west nutcracker. at the sugar plum fairy party. 
1989?? stacie was my cade:) luckiest girls ever!}

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Stacie said...

Such great memories!!!