"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 5, 2014

my story about when summer really got going.

i spent most of june breaking up fights between my kids,
getting them to make their beds,
put their breakfast dishes into the dishwasher,
and their jammies into the washing machine before lunch.
we got used to swimming lessons,
and going to bed waaaaaaaaay too late.
like 10pm every night.
or 10:30.
and some nights i would turn to sean and tell him how much the beginning of summer stinks like moldy cheese,
and how was i ever going to survive without kindergarten every morning to send brennan of to???
because brennan without a routine is like a firecracker pointed at the crowd.
no really.
it's not pretty.

 but then there was this one day at the end of june 
where our friends had all gone home from the pool,
gigi brought out suckers,
and the sun fell behind the fence.
and there's just this beautiful thing that happens to the family yard pool water at dusk.
it changes from turquoise green that has served you well all day, 
into this glowing silvery blue.
and you know that you aren't going to have to put sunscreen on your babies for the rest of the day.
and that your kid are going to be so distracted by the bath water which the family yard pool produces at such a time of the day, that they will forget about needing to eat dinner, watch tv, say they are bored,
and for five minutes they 
and they will share licks of their suckers with each other. 
and that's when it hit me.
we had made it into our summer groove.
i all of a sudden knew i never wanted summer to ever end!
where we swim all day, 
have no plan for dinner EVER,
go to bed after 10 every night,
and sleep in until 9 every morning.
the point where you wonder how getting kids off to school in the morning 
was ever something you looked forward to doing.
and how on earth will we ever adapt to that life again anyway?
also, you vow to never use a hair dryer again
except maybe once a month on sunday.
and that's my story about when summer really got going.
the end.


Susan Anderson said...

When my kids were young, we were in the pool all day, every day. And a very lovely pool it was...


Amy said...

Smigh. Absolutely lovely the way you paint summer. :) You have a way with words.