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Sunday, July 6, 2014

once upon a time on the dock, and other late night shenanigans

360's off the dock=
our afternoon movie
once upon a time there were two kids on a dock,
and a mom on a lounge chair on the deck.
one day when the sun was piping hot,
a boat came into the no wake zone with a wake boarder on the back.
it made the dock wobble,
and papa ryan came out a'yellin.
"my babies are down here! no wake within a hundred feet of the dock!"
he pointed at them, and they didn't like it.
this of course made the wake boarding boat very angry,
so they cursed the silver papa and pointed back at him.
the silver papa then looked at the mom on the lounge chair with a very proud and noble face,
you know, like the face of a man protecting his own, and said,
"yeah, they tend to do that when they know they're wrong."
and then he went inside to cook us some very merry bbq chicken and corn on the cob.
leaving the two babies and the mom on the lounge chair in an awkward silence with the wake boarding man cleaning up his boat for the day.
the end.
also, the boys brought over all of the paddle boards from the broke down house {did i forget to talk about my parent's lake house flooding so we stayed in rentals this whole week? well, yeah, it did and we did.}
and then we went on the traditional cocktail cruise,
where adam and kelsey decided that they never wanted to have kids ever,
and the kids ran from the front of the boat to the back of the boat every 2 seconds.
kind of like the dog.
i want more kids, and no dogs.
and brennan asks me daily when i will ever change my mind.
and could he maybe have a snake or a tarantula if he can't have a dog?
or just until he can have a dog?
and i ask you, how did an animal lover such as myself grow up to not want animals?
my answer: if humans are waking me up in the night then a dog definitely is not allowed to.
also, it snows in utah in winter and i don't like pet hair on my stuff.
{above: auntie K and max}
above: all ryan's present and accounted for. the only night this happened. it was awesome. when we got home, we put the kids and grandparents to bed, and i made everyone else play 31 with me inside until midnight {card game--i play for blood. or quarters. whichever.} kelsey fell asleep between drawing her cards, adam ate pb dipped oreos with me and whined about the music i was playing, and sean, well sean just listened to all of our stories about how kelsey and i ditched adam at a fair in iowa once to go hang out with boys, and also how adam got punched in the face outside a bar and then chased down by himself by a pack of iowans.
also, chase made us all sea sick when he insisted on driving us in circles out on the cocktail cruise.
i almost barfed.
no, really.

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