"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, July 7, 2014

when we realized sean left his car keys at the lake house {among other keys}

above: THE island oasssssssiiiiisssssss {really though, it's what it felt like. SPOT ON.}.
and it only took my dad two hours to blow it up with the air compressor.
home run.
the last day of vacation.
when you don't want to pack,
but you wanna be home.
and if you're me,
you put off packing until about, oh let's say 11pm.
then you round everything up,
and are feeling awesome about your procrastination effectiveness,
until the next day,
when you're driving through the sierra's
and you get a text from your dad that says,
did you forget something?,
you know like, 
your husband left his car keys.
and you're all sucking in air with your mouth wide open,
and you're eyes all crazy because you realize those keys also had the keys to the clinic,
which your husband has to be to work at by 7am the next morning.
you know, the ones that are on the hook on the lake house door.
but your dad is all,
"no problem, we will overnight them."
and so you text the aide at the clinic who lives nearby,
and she says she will leave her set under your doormat,
and you're all, phew, we think we're good, but WHHHHHYYYYY must we ALWAYS forget something when we leave the lake house???
and then after you drive 11 and a half hours home,
and all of your kids have hit some kind of "are we there yet" world wide Guinness record of all time,
and you have your little cesaer's pizza and crazy bread {extra cheese, extra butter} on your lap,
and you go to walk in your house to eat off of paper plates and such,
and you try to get into your house,
and that's when it hits you.
it was awesome:)
good thing linsey had a spare.
too bad she was not at home.
also, i had to pee.
like my kidneys still aren't the same.
but it all worked out,
i made it to the loo,
the little Caesar's held on like a champ,
and it was good to be home with a yard full of grass.
but the next morning my kids did tell me,
that when they're all grown up,
they plan on moving to the lake house with grandma and grandpa.
because, i mean really,
it's not too shabby of a plan when you're 6 and 4.
{we ladies left the boys for 3 hours to go to the nail salon, where soap operas were on the tee-vee and the nail ladies had lots of fun stuff to chat with us about. like who likes their nails buffed and clipped, and how many years their babies are apart. also about vaccinations. stuff like that. 
oh thank heavens for little girls.}
{the end.}

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Amy said...

Instead of posting on every single vacation post, I am just going to say: jealous, fun, ohmygoodness!
And that is funny sad about the keys!