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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

wednesdays are the day i usually forget to eat lunch.

7am-first alarm goes off
7:05am-second alarm goes off
7:10am-stagger downstairs for my short order chef and lunch making duties {i actually really love this part of my day as long as no one is fighting or yelling. most days it's just brennan up, and sean entertains him with reading books. team work baby. i am one lucky girl.}
7:40am-wrestle clothes onto brennan, brush his teeth, give him his pills, and cuddle him on the front stairs until susie shows up.
7:45am-brennan out the door for school
8am-wake max up, coax her to eat, bribe her to let me do her hair with my phone, 
8:30am-max out the door for school, get chase up, feed him leftovers from the other kids {i love toddlers because they don't have opinions about eating scraps yet, yessssss}.
9am-clean up breakfast, feed myself, read my scriptures, get dressed, make beds, throw in laundry, wrestle clothes onto chase while he watches cars 2 and plays with his bucket of cars 
{this is his most favorite daily ritual}, unload or start dishwasher, take my vitamins, 
wash my face, change my underwear, and stuff like that.
10:45am-plan next week's meals and make shopping list.
11am-grocery shopping with the baby man. i usually give him a fruit roll up FIRST THING to guarantee our shopping success. i love that he has no flavor preference yet.
11:45am-pick preschool carpool up, which pick up time starts at 11:30, but i barely get to them by the last allowed minute of 11:45 because i never leave enough to get to the grocery store and there without a rush. it's just how i roll. then i drop carpool off, and try to talk max and chase into washing their hands while i bring all of the groceries in and put them away.
12:30pm-feed max and chase lunch.
1:30pm-drive max to dance class {her favorite activity of the week}, 
where chase lines up all of the cars he can find in my purse, and whines for treats and milk. 
he also begs to go in and do ballet every time. i love boys with big sisters.
2:50pm-drive home from dance.
3pm-finally chase gets a nap, i throw in another load of laundry.
3:10pm-hannah or hadley from down the street show up to stay with napping chase, while max and i leave to pick up the all day kid carpool.
3:45pm-drop off kids from carpool, pass out otter pops, make snacks for brennan {usually pepperoni, cheese, and crackers}, let brennan play computer games. sometimes this is when i realize i've forgotten to each lunch. almost always this when i realize i have forgotten to each lunch:)
5pm-homework time. 
this is my most dreaded time of the day. 
i always have a pit in my stomach because i never know what to expect, or how it's going to turn out, and doing homework with an ADHD child who's meds wore off on the way home from school is just challenging. on good days chase is still in his crib napping or laying there quietly in his crib enjoying his binky, and max is watching movies on my phone in a completely different room. all outside stuff HAS to be removed for him to focus. on bad days, max doesn't want to watch a show, chase wakes up early, and three friends ring the door bell wanting to play. we only survive with treats to bribe him through, and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner on those days. also, we never get all of the enhancement homework done even on the good days because 30 minutes is brennan's unmedicated max:) spelling words, math worksheet which thankfully always uses manipulatives, and if we're lucky he practices his math facts, 
5:30pm-flag football for brennan. we are always late.
7pm-dinner and baths.
8pm-bed for chase, and book readin with the bigs. most days i take brennan by myself, and sean takes max into her bed, and i just love sitting on my bed listening to brennan read to me, with sean reading to max at the end of the day. everyone smells like pink johnson and johnson baby lotion, and i feel so accomplished. mmmmmmm. but wednesdays sean works late and so usually max comes in with us, brennan can't focus and read, and i just end up reading to them both and don't make brennan read to me at all.
8:30pm-prayers and bedtime. there are no funnier prayers on the planet than 6 and 4 year olds. most nights brennan and max stay up talking and laughing until at least 9:30pm, and sean and i make threats to get them to fall asleep like you don't get to play with your friends tomorrow, or you won't get to go to ballet next week. sean does paperwork on the couch, i play on my phone, and sometimes we watch the news through the weather bit. i've learned that even after two years, room sharing is STILL a work in progress. also, we usually vow to finish the basement sometimes during all of this. we are 3 nights in a row without any threats and right to bed kiddos, 
so we're feeling pretty awesome right now. 
but bascially that means tonight they won't fall asleep until midnight:) and we'll be calling the bank for a loan on the basement by friday. fingers crossed!
11pm-oreos and peanut butter dipped in milk or whipped cream and nutella. i just love a good bedtime treat.
11:30pm-brush my teeth and read until at least midnight all cozy in my bed, with my cold feet on sean's furnace of a body. there's almost nothing i love more than reading, all cuddled in my bed, in a quiet house late at night, to the sounds of sean and the kids fast asleep.
sometime after midnight-i turn my lights off, realize i never finished the laundry, go downstairs, switch it out {or leave it wet to run again in the morning}, come back up stairs, get scared in the dark on the way, and drift off into dreamland back in bed curled up next to warm sean.
and that's what i do every wednesday.

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Amy said...

Wow, you are organized. I am impressed. And your day sounds dreamy, even with the hard homework part.