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Thursday, December 4, 2014

letters to Emily {embarrassing story, merry christmas in german, & relationships}

Dear Emily,
I did laugh so hard! Especially at the batman ornament! That was amazing. People usually say "frohe weinachten!" For merry Christmas... Emily, do you wanna hear a funny embarrassing story? Well, this would only happen in dear old Deutchland... But I think you will still appreciate the moment at least. So Thanksgiving. On the schedual to come to my house was the missionaries (elders and sisters) and a family. I was to make the turkey, the potatoes, carrot casserole, stuffing, and s desert, the missionaries were bringing a bunch of stuff as was the family. I woke up feeling my absolute worst. I couldn't even stand.. A bad virus. So we cancelled the whole thing! I felt so bad... So Bryce was rubbing my feet and I was laying in bed in a pool of tissues and blankets when we hear a knock on the door ( both kids are in school). And our apartments are installing fire alarms so the installers (who smell like smoke and cheap cologne) come in and Bryce tells them it's all good and comes back in the room where I look like a nasty sick woman and we hear a knock on our bedroom door and it's the installers and they need to install a fire alarm in our bedroom! So they install it with me laying in my sickness... I almost couldn't Handle it so I pulled the blankets over my head and just said over and over again to myself, "please go away, please be done, please go away, please be done. ". Then they leave probably feeling really sorry for Bryce, thinking wow he married a mess...! Haha! I just had to tell you that funny story, virus is gone and we were able to have a little thanksgiving on Sunday... It was so good. Just our little family, I love to say what we are grateful for from the year at the dinner table, and I totally lost it and I could barely start... But I was able to say my gratitudes. I think to the end of the movie jerry McGuire, when he hugs his one client with a REAL relationship, instead of the other agent with a lot of clients basically given to him with no real relationship. Jerry was uncomfortable and poor and he needed the people around him, they brought him comfort. And in the end it literally pays off for him to have real deep meaningful relationships with the people he is working for and his family. And not being greedy. I feel the struggles that Bryce and I are experiencing right now has brought us closer together then ever before. I hope that we remember our time together is worth more then a paycheck. And do cherish it so. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I love you,

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Amy said...

I never know if I should write this comment to Beth or to Emily. So, this will be for Beth and if it is too awkward, I will revert to Emily. :)
Beth, holy smokes, you are beautiful! And I love that although you have no idea who I am, I have been able to get to know you a little through these letters to Emily. You have such a beautiful and strong spirit as well, which is so evident through your letters. Thank you for being so open with your trials and joys in Germany for so many people you don't know. I think you are amazing.

And Emily, thank you for sharing your friendship and correspondence with Beth with all your readers. It is a very personal and powerful thing.