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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

like a fly on meat {"educators"}

there was never a boy that loved cars a much as chase ray.
i used to think brennan liked cars,
and he did, but it's nothing like the love affair that chase has with his.
they go where he goes.
playing with them everywhere is his entire life.
i never knew a boy could be entertained for HOURS on end with anything, let alone a tiny little toy car.
he can find or make a race track out of anything.
there were tubs at brennan's basketball practice last wednesday night,
and he was set for the entire hour.
he sleeps with one race car clutched in his hand during his entire nap,
and then brings it out of his crib like we glued it into his hand.
when i check on him before i go to bed at night i will usually find about 5 cars stowed away until his back, and one in each hand, with the binky laying next to him in his crib because his hands are full of cars.
also, he calls elevators "educators."
and he'd like to spend his entire day in just a diaper, and never have his car playing disrupted by anything. too bad for him that he's the third kid, and his entire life revolves around car pool pick ups, dance and basketball practices, and grocery store runs.
good thing for him,
cars can go everywhere.
even in "educators."

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Susan Anderson said...

My youngest was the same way. He had a little case for his hot wheels cars and he took them everywhere.