"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

the you know what part

so this happened.
chase dragged me kicking and screaming on monday by the hair on my head,
DEMANDING underpants.
it was monday.
i had every excuse to talk him out of it,
mitigation, costco day, preschool day, speech therapy day,
almost as busy as a wednesday kind of day.
but the man would NOT be put in another diaper for one more day of his life.
and even though i had to drag him all around and potty train him on the run,
with extra pants and underwear in my bag all day,
by the next morning,
he was potty trained.
{god bless the third child and their ability to do everything on the run.}
i couldn't even believe it.
the man was ready.
i had no idea he was that ready.
i stood there watching him wave to brennan as he left for school the next day,
just like he does every morning,
and i looked at my family, and they all looked a little bit older.
like a new phase of life we'd hit.
no one in diapers.
people in school with homework, and friends, and lunches, and stuff.
it took him another half a day to really get the hang of the you know what part,
the hardest part in my opinion,
but man oh man, i've AGAIN by corrected by one of my boys.
there's a common theme here.
my boys teaching me things about the world that i thought i already had figured out.
like the fact that maybe boys can ACTUALLY be easily potty trained, not just the girls.
who knew?
i'm so glad he made me do it.
and i could watch his little proud face all day long.
i will NEVER forget the look on his face and the hug he gave me when he finally got the hang of the you know what part.
i watched him grow up a little bit right then and there.
and i felt our mother son bond squeeze a little bit tighter.
because we got through it together.
and it wasn't even all that painful.
4 months without ANYONE in diapers.
this my friends, is awesome:)
first time in 7 years i have not been changing someone's diaper.
not gonna lie though, i'm so glad to be having another bum to change on the way.
because i'm just not ready for my family to be THAT grown up and out of babyhood quite yet.
this WILL be the first time i've had a newborn baby without a toddler in diapers.
awesome awesome awesome.
awesome baby man.
thank you my sweet little baby man.

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