"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, October 18, 2015

even though they were nothing fancy

all my dreams came true.
when max got mad at brennan,
for not letting her play freeze tag the way she wanted to.
or maybe he got her out in their imaginary game of baseball?
anyway, she stomped off the field,
sat down in front of me on the bleachers next to dean in his stroller,
and simply asked me,
"will you play with my hair?"
{this is the first time she's ever asked me to do this, you see--and i've basically been waiting for this moment forever and not even KNOWN i was waiting for this moment forever. 
have you ever had one of those before?}
she didn't look up at me.
her eyes were on the boys out in the field the entire time.
her voice was something like aggigated, fed up, and happy to have a reason to sit down all at once.
i will never forget that moment for my whole entire life.
after i french braided her hair twice,
and let it go twice,
she ran over to get her barbie scooter,
and we all walked home.
brennan was yelling at somebody,
chase was crying because he was thirsty,
then max started crying because brennan ran over her left pinky toe with his bike {on accident},
and sean and i were just looking at each other chuckling {we slept really well last night, you see, and when you sleep well, you can handle chaos of this nature with much more humor than if you hadn't},
and i just couldn't help but BEAM from ear to ear.
like i was floating up in the clouds around that park,
but the tennis courts and the water fountain.
these are the days.
the good old days.
right now:)
{you've never seen anybody as fast as chase ray on a trike. he rides it like his HOG. 
like a BOSS on his HOG. i love him for it.}
and somewhere in the middle of all of that,
i looked down at my feet,
and the leaves,
even though they were nothing fancy,
and it all literally took my breath away with dean looking right at me.
i wish every sunday could be this good.

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