"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, September 15, 2011

no fooling!!!

guess what i saw on monday???
let's hope baby #3 will make it past april fool's.
no fooling!
i told sean we were having twins.
i was fooling.
he said i am a bad liar.
i am.
(my most favorite doctor on the planet)
has delievered both of my babies.
he was on teen mom this summer.
i tease him about it every time i see him.
he said our baby was moving around a lot.
i told him i would pay double if he could order me another mellow max.
he laughed.
i told him i was serious.
nighttime sickness is better than morning sickness.
but it makes dinner tricky.
and every morning i think i'm not going to be sick.
b/c i feel so great.
and then every afternoon i call my morning self a liar.
and then i thank my body for not having morning sickness,
b/c it's a lot easier to get up with two kids when you feel good in the morning.
it's just really hard to get your kids fed and in bed and make it past 9:30pm when you're throwing up.
thank you gummy vitamins for not coming up anymore:)
i am a fan.
and i think it's crazy that we are exactly at the same week.
so i assume.


aubrey said...

Three is fun! "Switching from man on man to zone defense," my husband would say. Congrats!

Carlson Clan said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! So much fun! Your kids are adorable! Can't wait to see the next one! I definitely feel for you with the nighttime sickness! Half the time I would make dinner and then just lay on the couch while the fam ate, couldn't stand the smell!

Sue said...

Wait a minute here. How did I miss knowing that you're pregnant?????

Congratulations, my friend!!!!!!


TiffanyM said...

Yea for you and Nie! :) Congrats on the new little one!

Amy said...

OOOOH! I am so excited for you! And slightly jealous, but so very excited! Congrats, and I hope your nighttime sickness leaves very soon.

How special that you and Nie are the same amount of time along! :)

Tiffany said...

Yay! How much fun!! Congratulations!!

Lauren said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How very exciting for you all!! :) and nighttime sickness is probably better than morning sickness, and definitely preferable to all-the-time sickness! Hope it goes away soon.
Yay! BABY!!!!

Emmy said...

Congrats!!! That is so exciting! So happy for you!!

Katie said...

Congratulations!!! How fun and exciting, though not the barfing part.

And I had to laugh because your blog post came up right above Nienie's on my reader today, both with a very similar looking ultrasound picture.

Lisalulu said...

ahhhhh, and THIS is how you tell the world.. still guessing if she is or isn't... is this a blog/April fool joke?????? throwing up and having to only eat gummy vitamans should be a clue.... YAY for more babies.. and enjoying them!

jen said...

I'm with Sue . . .
How did I miss this? Congratulations! Just a quick tip: I've found my kids alternate--easy/hard/easy/hard.
You're due for a hard one, sorry.
And did I say, YAY!!! congrats!

Katieh said...

Yay!!! Congrats! Soo excited for all of you. I hope you feel better soon...Zofran is seriously a miracle worker, FYI ;)

Kindra said...

Congratulations! You my dear, are much braver than me! I am just starting to think about it, like in a year thinking about it! So happy for you guys! Gummy vitamins are the only thing I can handle when I am pregnant!

The Wilson Family said...


Bitter Family said...


The Jackson Family said...

I love love LOVE that you're having another kiddo. More Gibson kids = more Emilisq blogs!! :)

Gilbert Family said...

congrats em!!! so excited for you. any kind of sickness is evil, hope you feel better quick! xoxo. so happy it happened faster this time since you struggled with b. xoxo

Sarah said...

WAHOO! Congrats Em!!! So glad you're doing it first so you can teach me how to handle 3!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new addition. That's so exciting and your two kids are adorable. The next one will be too :)

Court said...

um, SOOOOOOOOO EXCITING!!!!!!! i swear, every woman in the world is pregnant right now. CRAZY.

McVal said...

Congrats!!!! I'm expecting a grandchild in February and can't wait to see the ultrasound from this next week.

keri said...

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Oh my gosh I'm so excited for you!! I've been thinking that any day I'd see an announcement from you ;). Super Awesome! Congrats!

Josh, Laura, Kate, & Ben said...

How exciting!! What a lucky little peanut you have in your tummy to be joining your sweet little family! CONGRATULATIONS!

Josh, Laura, Kate, & Ben said...

How exciting! What a lucky little peanut to be born into such a sweet little family! Congratulations!