"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, June 21, 2010


i spent the better part of my afternoon at the pediatric dermatologist.
waited forever.
enjoyed the elevator music.
we were early, they were running late.
in the patient room we waited some more.
then magna cum laude hot shot walked through the door.
he did NOT shake my hand.
he did NOT introduce himself.
he did NOT ask my name.
he did NOT ask max's name.
she was referred to as "the 4 mo. old."
and his hair was too spikey.
i did NOT like him.
not b/c of the hair.
i started looking for things that irritated me extra after awhile.
max smiled a lot at him.
i tried to give her the **nod wink** to begin some puking and pooping on him, but she continued smiling.
bless her.
so magna cum laude hot shot asks me,
how the bumps began on "the 4 mo. old's arm."
"well, it started as..."
and then he cut me off.
"it's a pilomatricoma, blah, blah, blah...common in children...blah, blah, blah, surgery to remove, blah, blah, blah..." he says.
did i mention i did NOT like him?
can't dr. N do peds too????
what's that?
a benign tumor.
referring to primary children's dermatology,
referring me to primary children's plastic surgery.
who wouldn't be able to handle him doing it in the office.
what does he mean HE KNOWS?
did i mention i did NOT like him???
he google's it.
yup, looked like it.
can i leave now?
put max in her carseat.
asked for the numbers.
he ends the visit by saying,
"now when you go home and spend hours upon hours googling pilomatricoma b/c YOU'RE THAT KIND OF A MOM, i can tell, call me when you have questions."
and he said it in a jerky way.
and third of all, this is my SECOND CHILD.
i don't have HOURS UPON HOURS to google anything.
i only have AN HOUR to google it for all of my friends, relatives, and distant cousins.
so there!!!
consult with primary children's plastics in two months
then it's under the knife.
with the fancy mucho bucko drugs.
i don't like it.
any of it.
we'll see how the consult goes in aug.
i hope we NEVER have to go back to magna cum laude hot shot ever again.
but if we do i'm bringing someone with me.
so they can see hot shot and then totally justify me.
boo hoo.
i'm being sensitive.
but really, at least call my kid by her name and pretend like she's a real person.
and use my name too.
hot shot can do it, but may not get it all and will leave a big scar.
not worried about the scar.
want them to get it all.
primary's derm can do it, but may not get it all & leave a big scar.
same thing as hot shot.
primary plastics can get it all and leave almost no scar.
i like the "get it all part" best.
the end.
brennan is obsessed with bugs.
he points to his wrist and tells me he has a "bug bite" every day.
he did have one.
3 weeks ago.
it went away, but he claims it's still there.
we hunt for bugs, we find bugs, we love bugs.
so, big surprise, BUG'S LIFE is our latest and greatest movie obsession.
he acts out the movie and quotes the lines along with the show.
it's really cute.


Snarky Belle said...

Arrrghhhh!!! (does that sound like a pirate?)
Anyway, what an arrogant jerk!!
So sorry you're having to deal with this.
I promise my sweet husband would never treat you or anyone else this way. I always worry jerks like that guy give them all a bad name...even the ones who really care about good bedside manner.
Again, sorry you and your precious girl have to go through this.

p.s. Bug's Life is one of our favorites.

Bree said...

get a second opinion

Jess said...

rude doctors are lame- rude doctors with bad hair are double lame!

Sorry for your lame dr experience- hope it all works out better than what lame doctor predicted.

CJ Sime said...

The only thing WORSE than arrogant health care providers are the twits they put at the reception desk (seriously those woment think they RUN the office- grrr).

I hope Max isn't in pain or anything. It looks painful.

I would write a complaint letter to the office.

And Em? There is nothing wrong with being one of "those" moms. You would rather be pegged as that verses the ones who wouldn't even notice a sore like that.

Gilbert Family said...

what a jerk!!! that makes me really upset. know-it-all doesnt know-it-all. i would get a 2nd opinion too...and ask for a different hot shot. i hope it doesnt hurt her. looks like it might :(

The Jackson Family said...

Who the heck got his hot shot panties in a twist? I'm with everybody else, get a second opinion from a less arrogant doctor. Is this Brennan's doc, too?

Lauren said...

Well I must be "that kind of mom" because I am itching to google it just reading your post and Max isn't even my child!! :) And I agree with CJ-- WAY better to be one of "those" moms than a mom who wouldn't notice or wouldn't worry about it at all.
But really! How rude! I don't care how good google says he is, I would so not want to go back!

Lisalulu said...

good for you... trust in your mom-sense! ONLY you know your kids!

Carlson Clan said...

My Hannah had to have a dermoid cyst removed from her forehead when she was 5 months old and the scar is really small now! I was so worried about it at first too but it has healed really nicely and they use this super glue stuff instead of stitches now that make it heal better and cleaner. We were lucky though we had a really great Pediatric surgeon in Vegas! I hope you find a better doctor though because you definitely need to be comfortable with the person operating on your baby!!

Cari said...

Doctors can be frustrating, but I second the comment above about the second opinion. Since he was so fast at diagnosing. We ran into this (not same prob, but doctors snotty-ness problem) with Ethan. I demanded a second opinion and my second experience was like night and day. They may not tell you anything too different, but you have hopes of actually talking to a normal decent human being and one who will give you the facts instead of having you go home and "google it" which by the way is way to depressing and scary. There is always something negative about any problem that makes your mind go in places it shouldn't. She'll be fine, that cute little bug. :)Anyway, good luck, sorry about your dr. experience... cant say I am surprised. Some doc's just dont get it.

Cari said...

What? I just typed you a long little note... and it didnt appear... GRRR! Sorry about the stupid dr that seems to "know it all" Longer story short, Went through the same with Ethan (not the skin thing, but another bigger issue) and demanded a second opinion. Even though the results were about the same, felt better about the whole medical field in general. And they may be able to explain it to you instead of you having to "google it" Anyway, hope this comment shows and you can read it. Your kids are ADORE ABLE. Good luck!

Proudfeet said...

Miss Max! I cannot believe this! She too pretty to need to consult a plastic surgeon already! But think of the great story she will be able to tell...
"When I was just a little baby my mom made me have plastic surgery"

See kind of funny in the future! But oh so sad now! Agreed with others, get another opinion!

Stacie said...

Thank you for the great laugh!! LOVED your description of Dr. Hotshot. Not so excited about the surgery part. Hope it goes well!!

Sue said...

It's never fun to have a baby get surgery, but I'm sure all will go well. Especially using the plastic surgeon and not the jerk.

(I do not like arrogant doctors. At all!!)


Leslie said...

Ugh. What a first class jerk! I would have been pissed too. Who does he think he is sterotyping you and assumming you don't know what he is talking about. You'll find a better doc for sure.

Tiffany said...

Oooh nasty dr.'s are on the top of my list! Hope you aren't too anxious about your little miss Max! {our first had tummy surgery at 5 weeks, it's so hard not to be anxious over them!} Good for you for keeping your sense of humor!;)

Soon to be Mrs. D said...

Oh Em, I am so sorry to read about this awful experience. Know we are sending you and little max lots of happy thoughts. Hopefully, the rest of the doctors will be more personable. xo

Amy said...

Hmmm, one of "those" moms? Is he referring to moms who care about their children? Because whenever a doctor tells me something about my children, I always google, because I get more questions when I am not around them. How horrible of him. He must have been having a bad day, and dealing with horrible moms who just holler and don't take his advice? Trying to justify his behavior, though there is no justification for how he treated you or poor little Max.
In my prayers, and get that second opinion!

Buckeye Nut said...

What a jerk. Maybe that's how he got his diploma, he googled it and then made it himself. I can't believe that he was that rude. Give lil Max a big hug from me. Not a fun thing! Who is the plastic surgeon that you were referred to? Caleb had Dr Saddiqqi (sp) who is wonderful. He doesn't talk a lot but does a great job, I can hardly see lil dudes scar on his forehead.