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Monday, November 28, 2016

15 cat week {black plague}

Still to this day my ALL TIME FAVORITE #comedy act on this planet is Jim Breuer's "why mother's need their rest"!!! GOOGLE IT, and laugh until you pee your pants 😂😭🙊💦‼️My #kids still wake us up all night long most nights {revolving door--can i get an amen from the mamas and the papas who can relate!?}, most days i wonder if they'll ever all #sleep 😴💤 {everyone tells me eventually they do}, and i dream about this fantasy of everyone going to bed and staying asleep bahaha. I remember before Plexus feeling like i would never feel rested again. like i was#tired inside of my bones. my covers weighed a THOUSAND pounds every morning, and i would only get out of bed because i promised myself i would take a nap 😴💤 #naptime #longlivethenap at 11am, which never happened. by the time 1pm rolled around, i would crawl myself to the couch after everyone was napping or watching a show, and try to sleep until i picked up carpool at 3pm, which never made me feel anymore rested {go figure}, and then by 9pm the processes began again. i was SO happy in doing this, and despite feeling like i was a 95 year old grandma 😆👵🏻and wanting to "kill some cats" 🐱😹most mornings {watch the video and you'll understand}, i had accepted that this was just part of the job. i'm so glad that i don't feel like that anymore, and guess what? there are no bonus points for being a tired mom. who knew!? do the kids sleep perfectly? nope! do i wake up feeling rested and have energy almost every single day? YES I DO 🙋🏼. is plexus for more than just tired mom? YEP ;), but today, i'm just giving a shout out to the mamas and the papas who are feeling like grandmas 👵🏻and grandpas 👴🏻because last night was a 3 CAT NIGHT😹😹😹 in our house {and last week was a 15 CAT WEEK 😷🤒🤕🙈bahaha}, but i didn't have to kill any cats 🚫🐱💕#PETAyourewelcome because PLEXUS pulled me through. BOOYA ;)

click here for the full video if you want to die laughing.
warning: you might pee your pants.

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i started with the triplex combo and the xfactor multivitamin.
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