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Saturday, October 18, 2008

5K run, SO fun:-)

we did it!!! let me first say how incredible it is that one person can unify so many people. sean, brennan, and i ran in a 5k this morning to help raise money for Stephanie Nielson (nie nie) and her husband (known as "mr. nielson"). if you are not current on my blog i have been participating in and working on fundraisers of my own to raise money for this family. they were in a plane crash mid-august and suffered severe burns. you can scroll down my blog to get a more in depth explanation b/c i want to focus on the fun of today!

even though sean loathes running outside on pavement, he woke up early sat. morning with me to get brennan ready and tote the three of us to provo for the run. i LOVE this man. we had a blast running together as a family. it was so uplifting to be out there in the morning air, thinking about how many blessings we have in life. the event organizers mentioned for all of us to be safe, and then as a 1/2 joke said "b/c we don't want to be back out here doing a run for you." we all laughed, and then i thought about it...life is that fleeting. one minute we are worried about forgetting our cell phone at home and the next our lives have changed forever. life is so precious and stephanie has reminded me of that...

the little tyke fell asleep!!!! let me explain what a miracle this is: no crib=no nap. seriously, the kid will NOT fall asleep when we are out and about. i had been doing some serious praying in the hopes that he would fall asleep during the race b/c it started at the same time as his morning nap. aMAZing, b/c he did, and slept for about 30 minutes. he woke up just see the finish line.

we finally got the courage to ask someone to take a pic for us. i know, sometimes i am super friendly and other times i am shy...strange phenomenon.

running the race, proof! there were lots of moms with babies, husbands with wives, single ladies, and even some kids on bikes.

so much harder to run while pushing a 22lb. baby up a hill. thank goodness sean did the major uphill pushing:-)

the FINISH!!! yes, that is my bright red face. no matter how in shape i am, the face gets bright red and everyone around me asks if i'm okay. it's the curse of the flush.

pre-race, all bundled up
it was SO much colder than we thought it would be! yes, i know it's october in utah, but 50* just felt more like 30* this morning, so we blasted the heater and warmed up.

getting ready to have a meltdown b/c it's nap time (see first picture to see how the nap turned out!)

i was trying to distract him, but you can see the "pouty" face

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Hilary said...

Emily, I can't get over how dang cute Brennan is!!!! HOLY COW I could just eat him up.

emily said...

thank you!!! i serve him for dinner on a regular basis;-)