"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, October 18, 2008

scaredy pants? NO SIR, dreamer!

i've been thinking about stephanie, of course, what's new? i've been thinking about what she will think when she wakes up from her coma, life changed forever. from reading her blog i've wondered if she would regret getting mr. nielson his flying lessons, a decision that obviously led to an eternal change in their beautiful life. i might be so bold to say i don't think she'd have any regret. explanation you say?

well, why sit at home and dream of something until your dream is gone? sometimes i'm so afraid to go out and do something. afraid!? yes, utterly and completely frightened that it may not turn out the way i want, or that i might not do it well enough, or that i might fail (tangent: goodness, wouldn't that be awful!...not really b/c some of my best failures have turned out to be my greatest successes!), back on track: or that i might be embarrassed (also related to the "i might fail clause"). the point i'm making is that getting out there and making it come true is what living is all about. have i been deceived by all of those disney fairytales? nay, i say, i've brought my own to life, with many more on the dreamer books in the chapters i can't wait to read!!! "they say that i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one..." john lennon, smart man.


ryan and stacy beck said...

its been a while since i spent the countless hours one weekend morning pouring over Nie's blog sobbing my eyes out and hurrying to wipe the tear when Ryan came in so he didn't think 3 hours later I was still crying over the same thing. anyway, I believe stphanie is all about dreaming and making dreams come true. She creates for herself and her family the happiest of times and the best of times regardless the circumstances. You can see in the way her family has reacted to this crisis and I know that she will pick up the pieces and move forward growing and making something beautiful of this. Not only for who she is but the testimony of the gospel you can see she has. No doubt she will have a difficult time realizing her changed body and all that has happened, but the love of family and others will carry her through--that will not have changed.

emily said...

i completely agree!

Heather said...

love it all and your cute love letters!