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Monday, October 13, 2008

stephanie (nie nie), my hero

stephanie nielson is an online mormon mommy blogger. i have talked about her to many of you. i LOVE this woman, whom i've never met. whether you are mormon or not you can relate to her. she is an inspiration. i love her joy in life. reading her blog has helped me to truly focus on the beautiful parts of my life. i am a happier person because of this woman i've never met. it's amazing how you can think about a person so much that you've never met...pray for a person you've never met...share stories about a person's life who you've never met...did i mention that i ADORE this woman? I DO, I DO!!! i have a link to her blog at the top right hand side of my page "i read nie nie." she is in the hospital from a plane crash in august, so people are reposting some of their favorite blogs on her site. after spending 3 hours reading her blog (and still not finishing), i clicked over to a link for her sister's blog "cjanerun," which i now frequent for updates on stephanie, her husband (mr. nielson), and their four children. this entire family is amazing. heaven on earth that we can all achieve. i find myself doing more to make my life beautiful and i LOVE that...

(here is a link to the New York Times article written about the accident. you can also visit stephanie's blog and her sister courtney's blog from my blog. there is a link to cjanerun's blog under my "i read nie nie" link....enjoy.)

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