"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, December 11, 2008

cookie, cookie, cookie starts with "C"

i am not a "cookie" kind of person.
i make cookies,
but i do not eat the finished cookie.
i eat the dough.
however, there is one kind of cookie i have a weakness for.
i was always assured one or two of these types of "weakness cookies" when i was teaching at some holiday or birthday party thing during the school year.
i looked forward to them SO very much.
this morning, i walked into our kitchen after nursing the pork loin and gasped in joy!
there on my very own kitchen counter sat these:
the "weakness cookies" sitting in all their glory!
i have no idea how they got there.
they were not there last night when we went to bed, and sean made no mention of yummy frosting cookies.
he left before i was up this morning, but did give me a sleepy kiss goodbye and surely did not mention them then.
for a brief moment i wondered if they had been purchased for the scouts (sometimes sean will get them treats), but it is thursday.
for another brief moment i considered they were maybe for a holiday party for sean's school.
i paced and paced all through the morning, with the delicious frosting cookies staring at me.
i picked up the plastic box, read the nutrition info (no calories or fat, can you believe it!?), looked at the clock (10:47am), thought about how i was still a little hungry from breakfast (i went swimming late last night and am always super famished even after the best of breakfasts the next morning, thank you nursing)...the sticker on the box was not ripped yet, so for sure they have not been opened...
then, i delicately ripped open the box (very carefully b/c i was just "checking" to see how many there were inside). i started picking at one of the most beautifully looking ones...i figured no one would miss just one little taste of frosting...
but before i knew it,
i had the whole cookie in my hand and completely devoured it!
does anyone know where these cookies came from?
i am so sorry i had to steal one...
well, not entirely sorry;-)


Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Those cookies are delicious! It's their own fault for being eaten, they shouldn't have been tempting you like that:)

Proudfeet said...

Tis the season! They look delish, but I am sure you whip up much tastier ones!

sjhayes said...

Hey! Sunday sounds perfect email me or message me a time! Can't wait to see you guys!

The Nielsens said...

those ARE good! totally in agreement!