"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, December 7, 2008

no church kind of day

this was at about 10:22pm when we were cleaning up after the reception.
do you think he's a bit tired?
let's just say we will not be attending church today...
welcome to chaos, how may i help you?
that is how my brother in law answered the phone yesterday morning around 11am. the bride and groom had left for the temple 10 min. prior, but the rest of the peeps were scurrying around to make it on time by 11:30 sharp.
sorry the pics are from last to first, but i didn't have the patience to get it right. we are REALLY tired. i mean REALLY tired. like not going to church tired. like brennan did even go "ehem" at all yesterday tired. i don't think he's EVER not "ehemed" before all day.
for your viewing pleasure may i present
mr. & mrs. kenneth farnsworth!!!
their bubble send off. we are hoping it was not sac-religious;-) it's not rice right!?
of course we decorated their car!
tin can on the tail for added spice!
(dr. pep of course)
and red lips for all of the wedding night smoochin'
the candy bar at the reception. i was responsible for the m&m vase.
no morning or afternoon nap baby seen below. his eyes were pretty much glazed over like that all day...and night for that matter.

we couldn't button his pants. they were 6-12 months, but well, we have a pork loin for a baby.

the bride and B

i laughed so hard taking this picture. cheeks was just watching sean and started doing it too.
this was right before he started melting down
the bridesmaids:
sarah, me, bride, natalie, lashelle (kenny's sis)

a little taste of
multiplying and replenishing;-)

our little wedding party family
i'm not even sure if brennan knows what's going on after two nights of sleep under 8 hours a piece, no naps, and disco dancing into the wee hours of the morning (well, of the night at least, for him that is...). BUT thankfully the little tyke is fast asleep for who knows how long this morning, while i am in my robe and slippers listening to christmas music. it doesn't get much better than that. when sean gets home from his church meetings i MIGHT even make some hot choc with white choc chips.


DD said...

It was so fun to see you guys yesterday. Poor Brennan looks so exhausted in the pictures. I hope you had a nice relaxing day today! I love you blog! It's so much fun to read.

Jocelyn & Daniel said...

beautiful pictures!! You guys look amazing!