"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, December 8, 2008

ribbons and wrapping

is this what your living room looks like today?
brennan's latest and greatest trick. i couldn't stop laughing.
17 days until christmas!
(or something like that)
also, the snow is falling, and it is magical.
i must go turn on my christmas lights & get back to my wrapping.
does anyone have the ELF soundtrack CD for me to borrow?
i've really been cravin' the "it's cold outside song" from that movie, & i passed up the chance to buy the movie from costco for $9.99 last week ('cause you know we're in a recession or something, and we're trying to cut back!). please, if you have it, send it my way!


Proudfeet said...

My living room might look like that the week of Christmas, but not this early! You are on top of things!

keri said...

Oooh oooh, I have that song! LOVE IT! How would you like it? CD, email.. if thats possible.
My living room has looked like that for a week. Jeff told me yesterday that he can't keep living like this.. (as in this mess).

keri said...

I also have a Alvin and the Chipmonks Christmas CD. I've been playing it with Madison and dancing with her. She LOVES it. As soon as she hears the chipmonks voice she is all excited. I should make you a copy for Brennen. It's sooooo fun!

Gilbert Family said...

hahaha I LOVE THE bubbles!!! brandon, i mean, brennan...haha...such a cutie! he keeps you on your toes! love the pictures at the wedding. looks like it was an amazing day! congrats to Seans sis!