"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, January 23, 2009

commando news!

exciting news!!!!!!

#1: i am a published blogger!!!





(light refreshments served is the site)

#2: brennan is commando crawling!!!

which basically means

he's crawling!

thank goodness.

10 1/2 months of thinking he would never accomplish this feat.

rumors and speculations of alleged reasons for not crawling

(mainly his "pork loin" status).

predictions of walking first

(which i don't think is far off either).


wait, can we go back to not crawling now?

actually, i rather like this new found mobility.

less bending for me;-)

on another note:

does not wearing make up classify as

"letting oneself go?"

no sir!

(red lipstick does not count for makeup, you know,

'cause it's my new year's resolution...

or was it a


to wear

red lipstick

a lot).

i must say,

i feel prettier,

more myself,

without make up on.

anyone else feelin' me on this?

i mean, people are really seeing me!

now, this can be scary at first, having worn make up since the age of 14,

but let me tell you people,

it's so empowering.

go ahead, try it.

make it a

no make up kind of day!

(of course, don't forget your russian red lipstick)

have you put my button on your blog yet?

upper right hand corner folks;-)


Kiss Kiss said...

First of all, I love you.
Second, congratulations on getting published--you're incredible.
Third, Brennan is probably my favorite baby on the PLANET so will you PLEASE give him a kiss from Aunt Nikki?
Fourth, I love you.

Sue said...

Loved your post on LRS! And by the way...I never wear make-up. Ever. For me, it's freeing. What you see is what you get, so to speak. And I look the same first thing in the morning so there are no surprises, lol.

I wore make-up when I was in high school and half of college, then gave it up entirely and have never gone back. (Not that I'm advocating this, but it does work for me.)


PS. Sometimes I do wear a sheer blush gloss just on my lips...for special occasions.

emily said...

you rock sue, sooooo on the same page;-)

Proudfeet said...

Congratulations on the publish! So awesome! And yes I have your button on my blog, its just a ways down there, by Nie, I figured you wouldn't mind! Welcome to my no make up world! Sometimes I wear a little mascara on my upper lash, but that is about it! (I look albino eye without it) No one notices, no one cares, what a great release from all taht time in front of the mirror in the olden days! Anyway, Ann MArie and I have been texting, Book Club out, we will just have to make an excuse to have dinner or some thing regularly! Oh like a sewing party!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Congratulations!!! I SOOO wish I was a runner!! But...I just am so bad at it. Sounds silly, doesn't it. But, I really am. Congrats again - I had browsed Light Refreshments Served not long ago and wondered how "guests" were found - and look at you!! Awesome. Very Inspiring.

Dana and Adam said...

Hooray for Brennan!! With that array of toys, what baby could resist crawling? Or scooting for that matter. PS-I'm not brave enough to go makeup free, but kudos to you. Let's just say I'm half-way there. Sometimes.

Natalie said...

Good times, published and a crawler! Congratulations.

And, if I am not mistaken, that post is what drew me to you the very first time...I mean way back when, before we were blogging friends! Because, you know now, it feels like we've known each other forever. :)

As far as the makeup goes, I love it. Just because it is fun to me...I know, strange. I feel like my face is some blank canvas, and playing with the colors, etc. makes me happy. But, I'm ok not wearing it, I just have fun with the application. Am I weird??