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Thursday, January 22, 2009

ACtual.evolving music.

this is my brother adam.
he blogs for
(pen name "ACtual").
i was especially interested in two of their posts this week. their blog has multiple writers, and is dedicated to music, culture, technology, dance, film, and much more.
read my
(posting as "Emilisq G")
on their post,
"are mommy bloggers into music tech?"
btw, those jeans were fresh from the dryer.
toasty and warm.
i know you're jealous.
tune in tomorrow
for a
to my first
published blogging piece!
did you
grab my button
for your page yet?!


Adam said...

Thanks for the plug sis! Gotta love the jean scarf...I read the blog daily for a taste of what's going on with my nephew and the Utah crew, so I'm glad to know that you're enjoying our work over at Evolving Music.

And she's right folks, if you haven't checked it out, come do so...there's something for everyone from product reviews to album reviews to artist interviews. I'd encourage anyone looking to be exposed to some new music to check out my monthly "What I'm Hearing" post where I break down the new music that's on my iPod that month.

Mommy bloggers unite! And if it's music and it's real, it's actual music.

keri said...

That's an awesome post! Loved your comment! I will have to check that blog more often. thanks for all the fun today!

keri said...

P.S. Did you notice I changed my BG again? I just wasn't feeling the other one.

Carol (Mehr) Simpson said...

hi em, loved it!

Sue said...

Good job, Emily!...And it was fun to read what your brother had to say, too.