"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, January 24, 2009

beginner's luck

when i play a game for the first time i usually win. this happens a lot. it's very frustrating to people playing with me because i usually don't try very hard. in fact, i play so carefree that i'm never considered a threat. i don't try to win. i take risks that are considered crazy by veteran players. risks that i would never do after playing the game a few times
(which is why i never win after the first time i play!).
last night we played
i know some of you are crazy fanatics about this game!!!
my final winning point was the
"longest road"
the goal is to get to 10 points.
little houses called "settlements" are 1 point.
bigger houses called "cities" (i called them mansions) are worth 2 points.
look at that big & beautiful long orange road!!!
ahhhh, the
i also made these two beauties for dinner.
we've started a friday night pizza tradition in our house.
i love making the dough and
all of the ingredients we are diggin' that night.
my favorite last night was the
olive, pepperoni, onion one above,
but the sausage below was also a big hit.
which one would you have liked?
do you have my button yet?


Sue said...

Oh my gosh, Emily...Why do you not live closer to me so I could wrangle a dinner invitation from you? I want both, please! And now!!

Buckeye Nut said...

The olive one looks best to me, minus the onions.

We have to play Settlers some time. Our family LOVES that game. You also have to try Carcassone. You will love it too.

T said...

settlers rocks!!