"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, February 19, 2009

lots of talking, a tale of AQUAholics

i swim.
did you know that?
well, i do.
i love it.
i crave it all day.
thank you city for having a public pool.
thank you husband for watching the babe.
the asleep babe, but still, thank you.
weeknights are free.
saturdays are cheap.
free and cheap, they go together.
free, cheap, & swimming, well, it's just a love affair!
so my love affair with swimming.
the girls, we go.
lots of talking on the way to the pool.
lots of talking during kick time.
silent time for my thoughts during the rest.
i do a mile now.
it's aMAZing.
lots of talking on the way home.
so we went to swim tonight.
"closed for maintenance,
sorry for the inconvenience."
there were are, fully dressed for swimming,
except for jess
(it's a long story, don't ask).
bree in shorts and uggs,
me in parachute pants, sweatshirt, and heavy coat,
keri quiet as ever, but we know she's royally ticked.
the dang people could have at least tipped us off last night.
the girls have their theories.
sudden maitenance on the pool can mean one thing...
and one thing only...
oh well, let's go to yogurt stop;-)
so we did.
lots of talking on the way.
lots of frozen yogurt.
(coconut & pecan w/cookie dough, don't ask...
double for me, i save half for the next day)
lots of talking during the eating.
lots of talking on the way home.
i love swimming.
little swimmer in training below


Sue said...

Pretty disappointing that you didn't get to swim, but it sounds like you managed to entertain yourself. =)

I think your friends are right about the unexpected maintenance. Someone must have had a..."mishap."



keri said...

What do you mean quite as ever? Am I quite? But I was Royally TICKED!!! But I liked loosing the weight eating yogurt almost better!!!

Proudfeet said...

Did you know frozen yogurt is my number one food group? Seriously, I would eat it all day every day! We need to get together soon! I thnk we might be almost the same person!

The Gist Family! said...

Hey, How fun is that? I want to go swimming!


Buckeye Nut said...

Del has been frequenting the pool as well. He was upset on Tues when they were closed so he tried to go to Golds Gym. By the time he got over there they were packed too. He is very anxious to get his laps started again.