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Monday, February 16, 2009

prayer, i think i love you

when i was pregnant my cousin told me i would be lucky to get a few verses of scriptures reading in once a day after my son was born. i remember thinking she was crazy. i was WAY more spiritual than that! well, here i am with a 1 year old, struggling to read a few verses every OTHER day:-). oh goodness. morning prayers have definitely been out like trout since B, but a couple of days a week i remember to stop to say them after i put brennan down for his first nap. mid-morning still counts:-) (in case you were wondering). i love prayer. i miss prayer. sean and i have figured out a way to say personal prayers every night. shazzzzzaaaam! (thanks for the word jackie, it's smokin'). after brennan's arrival my personal prayers took a back seat to family and couple prayers. if you're not spiritual i can imagine you think i must be praying far too much, or at least all day. that's okay. did you know that 15 min. of prayer/meditation daily has been shown to add 10 years onto your life? it's true, i heard it on oprah, lol. really, i did. dr. oz. what a guy! i think that 15 min. is supposed to be 15 consecutive minutes, but right now i'm working back into my routine. i remember being a single gal, waking up early to pray 15 min. before school, and going to be early to read my scriptures for 30 min. and say prayers for 15. wooooo weeee! i would love to make fun of it, but really it was a joy. i love the peace prayer brings. the feelings of confidence prayer brings to my life. the desire it gives me to be a little better, to help others a little more.
i think i just bore my testimony?
does that count for fast and testimony meeting too?
i can't wait for conference.


Gilbert Family said...

beautiful testimony. thank you for sharing. i can almost gaurentee you arent the only mom who has this issue. i think as long as you are making an effort, that is what counts! (do prayers in the heart count? cause if they do, im always praying, haha) thanks for sharing beauty!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

I know what you mean about scripture reading and morning prayers, so hard to keep up! But, this entry of yours made me feel dedicated to making it happen:) thanks em:)

Sue said...

I think prayers in the heart definitely count.


Proudfeet said...

That was so awesome! And I love that you put it on your blog! You will love looking back at that! Loved the book round two! Can't wait to see what your next pick is!

Natalie said...

You bet it counts! And, "out like trout"...you make me happy! :)