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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what is on my iPod??? i have no idea.

is it possible to have too much music?
i'm sitting here loading all of my old cds onto my iPod.
(at least the ones that haven't been completely ruined in the depths of my car)
i'm thinking, "i have so much music i don't even know what i have."
anyone else with me on this?
i usually end up listening to the most recent things i've purchased on iTunes.
matisyahu, lady GaGa, Beyonce, T.I., Rhianna
i make play lists by seasons:
spring 2003
fall 2004
sean & em's summer '07 mix
you get the idea.
then every so often i will remember an old song i used to love.
i'll search for it.
find it.
move it to my current play list.
and the pattern continues.
yet my iPod is almost to capacity
(at 60gigs how is this possible???)
and i have no idea what in the world is on it.
then i realize i could be a millionaire had i saved all the money on the cds i don't know i have...
naw, it was worth it! i love music. i dance around my kitchen making dinner with brennan in his high chair dancing too.
remind me to post a video of him dancing, so cute.
i mean really, i couldn't memorize biology in 7th grade, but i could memorize TLC's "waterfalls"
(that includes left-eye's rap ya'all!).
oh yeah, and salt and pepper's "shoop."
i used to fantasize that salt and pepper would show up at my door step, and i would know their names and be their friend from then on. you know like be the best fan so mtv would fly me out to TRL. so cool.
when you're 11.
so awesome to see how many people are reading with us in our book club.
are you reading yet?
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Gilbert Family said...

i am the same way! our computer has crashed about 3 times but yet i am able to save 30gigs of music i dont really listen to. i swear i keep deleting the same ones over and over. i have the year mixes too and i think that when i was there, they were so overplayed, i am completly sick of listening to it. oh well. something to put shuffle to and be surprized i guess!

Lauren said...

LOL!! Me too! I have so much, and listen to the newest purchases or the same old stuff over and over. I started to total how much money I have spent on music in my younger years, but the number got a little scary and so I stopped. I would rather remain ignorant... But I do just love love love music...

Sue said...

I burn my cd's according to themes. "Inspirational." "Beachy." "Happy." "Soothing." Etc. You get the idea.