"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, March 21, 2009

mcsteamy apron

i had the HOTTEST date tonight.
we'll just call him mcsteamy.
he has the same sexy jawline as the actor.
wait, sexier.
sorry dad;-)
it's true though, s.d.gib is H-O-T.
plus, he totally fixed my internet problems this morning.
i have been unable to blog from my computer,
check my email and facebook.
thank goodness for my phone.
is it wrong to admit i enjoyed the short vacation?
okay, i'm sorry, but it's true.
it felt good to get away.
not from you.
just from the computer itself.
so about my hot date...
anthropologie was where we visited while we waited for our number to be called at happy sumo.
grandma C watched the babe for us.
jorjia and jake met us.
i wish i could buy the entire anthropologie store.
the skirt i loved?
$280. boo!
it was yellow, pleated, with blue dots.
but had it been a reasonable price of $20 i would have never found the most beautiful apron my eyes have ever laid upon!
on sale!
oh, how i love a sale.
yes, there it is above.
would you look at it!?
little eyelets, dots, and some bunchy thing in the center that wraps around my waist.
oh dear, and it ties in the back and around the neck.
that's purely what it is.
just like the vegas roll i ate at happy sumo.
have you had it?
i know i spelled it wrong, but i wanted to emphasize the long e.
i taught 2nd and 3rd grade pre-motherhood.
did you know?
so we ate and chatted.
we ate late, like 8 freaking thirty!
that's when the food came.
it tasted intoxicating.
but what wouldn't when it's deep fried?
don't worry, i ordered a rainbow and caterpillar roll too,
to balance out the fried food.
and lots of water with lime.
then it was off to the movies,
where i held mcsteamy's hand (that's my dreamy s.d.gib).
what movie?
absolutely frightful!
does that really happen?
dear, it must...how about having all boys?
oh, but the pink! skirts, dresses, lacey shoes....
so i put my head on his shoulder at the end, thinking of my little babe tucked in his crib fast asleep.
we drove home without really talking.
isn't that great?
talking is great too.
especially dreamy future talk.
i love that kind of talk.
but sometimes it's just nice to sit.
and watch all of the pretty lights.


Lauren said...

The apron is adorable! And makes you look H-O-T too! :)
Sounds like you guys had a really fun date night... I really liked that post...

Lisa said...

i agree with Lauren, you have a fun blog, and it was great to hear your "night out" story

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

First of all, your apron is adorable! Second of all, I LOVE that store (I have the same kind of apron from there too...but mine is orange and white...cute cut)! Third of all, your date sounded fun:) It's always a good night when it is a date night:)

Gilbert Family said...

are you sure thats an apron? its way to cute! very flattering. we looooove sushi too! hmb sushi all the way! remember when we went there once? mmmmmmm. ps: $280 for a skirt? dont think so!

Fiauna said...

I love the apron. I don't get to go to Anthropology enough, but I do enjoy the catalog (no amazing sales there, though). Sounds like you had a great night. Jealous!

Amy said...

I think I would live at Anthropologie if I could. To be honest, I have never even been there. My hubby is afraid that if I enter the store, he will never get me out. I am loving the apron. I don't know what it is, but lately I have been searching for the perfect apron. I took the pattern of my grandmother's apron, and am going to sew it as soon as I find some good material.
That movie looks like something I would not like. A little too intense for me. But dating is still so much fun! I am glad you had such a wonderful evening with your hot hubby!

Sue said...

I love "dreamy future talk" too. Always have.

As for the apron, it's great!

ryan and stacy beck said...

Love the apron! I found a cute one recently at Pier 1!! Very exciting! We saw Taken last night! We liked it a lot. Not realistic but it was packed w/ action and just all around good. Glad you guys got to snuggle in the movies. I'm going to miss that.

Natalie said...

Fabulous apron!!

I am also a huge fan of dreamy future talk as well as just sitting. It feels so perfect to be with someone in silence and no uncomfortable awkwardness.

So glad you had a great night out!